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100 Rules For A Good Life

Are You Teaching Your Kids All The Things They Need To Know?

Parenting A Teenager – How To Deal With The Eye-Rolling, Bad Attitude & Other Frustrating Teenage Behaviors

The 2 Minute Reality Check Test Every Parent Must Take

Children Don’t Stay Young Forever

10 Parenting Truths To Remember

Why Report Cards Aren’t The Be-All and End-All In Life

Life Is Hard Enough Without You Making It Even Harder For Your Kids

Children Don’t Stay Young Forever – Raising Great Kids

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone As A Parent

How To Give Your Child Wings – Raising Great Kids

50 Questions To Ask Your Kids

101 Fabulous Kid and Teen Business Ideas

Surviving The First Day of High School As A Parent

Teaching Kids Life Skills Will Help Them Succeed In Life

Why You Should Never Tell Anyone They Are Perfect – Parenting Tip

You Are Not Alone – Parenting Special Needs Children

How To Find Your Path After Graduating High School

13 Reasons Why – An Alternative Perspective



One Day You Are Going To Die

Put Your Phone Away – A Simple Guide To Happiness

How Oprah Winfrey Opened My Eyes To The World

The Secret I Forgot About

Change Your Life – Here’s The Wake Up Call You Need!

How To Succeed When Life Is A Struggle

What Are You Willing To Give Up? – Closer Opening Speech

Do SOMETHING! – Take Action To Chase Your Goals Today

The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything – Life Advice

12 Things I Learned As A Life Coach 

The Value of Time – Life is Short



My Books In 10 Words Or Less

How I Wrote 17 Books – Writing Advice and Tips

Did You Ever Have A Penpal?

Words Have Power – FREE BOOK

Free Books For Writers – Inspirational And Motivational Writing Quotes

Why It’s So Important To Connect With Other Writers And Provide Support

Early Days of Blogging As A Writer

100 Inspirational Quotes on Writing to Inspire Writers

100 More Inspirational Quotes For Writers

You Have A Voice So Why Not Use It? – Writing Inspiration

Top 10 Best Non-Fiction Books Described in 10 Words

Top 10 Best Kids Books Described In 10 Words

The Idea Behind INSPIRING LIFE – Frances Vidakovic

The Shop Is Now Open – Writing Advice and Tips

Before I Die



CONFESSION TIME: When Your Best Friend Is A Reality TV Star

10 Things I Learned From Living In Croatia

10 Things We Wish Croatians Knew About Foreigners

Life After Croatia

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease CMT Fact Sheet




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