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How To Raise A Child With Grit

Top 5 Must-Know Lessons To Teach Your Teens

How To Spoil Your Kids (If You Insist On Doing Some Real Damage)

100 Rules For A Good Life

My All-Time Favorite 101 Must-Reading Parenting Quotes

Are You Teaching Your Kids All The Things They Need To Know?

Parenting A Teenager – How To Deal With The Eye-Rolling, Bad Attitude & Other Frustrating Teenage Behaviors

The 2 Minute Reality Check Test Every Parent Must Take

Children Don’t Stay Young Forever

10 Parenting Truths To Remember

Why Report Cards Aren’t The Be-All and End-All In Life

Life Is Hard Enough Without You Making It Even Harder For Your Kids

Top 5 Tips For Parents With Special Needs Kids

Children Don’t Stay Young Forever – Raising Great Kids

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone As A Parent

How To Give Your Child Wings – Raising Great Kids

50 Questions To Ask Your Kids

101 Fabulous Kid and Teen Business Ideas

Top 130 Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

The Top 30 Parenting Money-Saving Tips Every Parent Should Know

Surviving The First Day of High School As A Parent

Teaching Kids Life Skills Will Help Them Succeed In Life

Why You Should Never Tell Anyone They Are Perfect – Parenting Tip

You Are Not Alone – Parenting Special Needs Children

How To Find Your Path After Graduating High School

13 Reasons Why – An Alternative Perspective




It’s Okay To Be Different (It Really Is!)

How Well Do You Know Your Partner – 200 Questions To Ask Today

Why You Should Stop Expecting Your Partner To Be Perfect 

The Power Of Having Thick Skin

How To Live An Inspiring Life

One Day You Are Going To Die

Put Your Phone Away – A Simple Guide To Happiness

How Oprah Winfrey Opened My Eyes To The World

The Secret I Forgot About

Change Your Life – Here’s The Wake Up Call You Need!

How To Succeed When Life Is A Struggle

What Are You Willing To Give Up? – Closer Opening Speech

Do SOMETHING! – Take Action To Chase Your Goals Today

The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything – Life Advice

12 Things I Learned As A Life Coach 

The Value of Time – Life is Short




My Books In 10 Words Or Less

How I Wrote 17 Books – Writing Advice and Tips

Did You Ever Have A Penpal?

Words Have Power – FREE BOOK

Free Books For Writers – Inspirational And Motivational Writing Quotes

Why It’s So Important To Connect With Other Writers And Provide Support

Early Days of Blogging As A Writer

100 Inspirational Quotes on Writing to Inspire Writers

100 More Inspirational Quotes For Writers

You Have A Voice So Why Not Use It? – Writing Inspiration

Top 10 Best Non-Fiction Books Described in 10 Words

Top 10 Best Kids Books Described In 10 Words

The Idea Behind INSPIRING LIFE – Frances Vidakovic

The Shop Is Now Open – Writing Advice and Tips

Before I Die




CONFESSION TIME: When Your Best Friend Is A Reality TV Star

10 Things I Learned From Living In Croatia

10 Things We Wish Croatians Knew About Foreigners

Life After Croatia

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease CMT Fact Sheet




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