Back when I was younger it was important for me to have a professional-sounding  intro spiel. After all I was running a successful life coaching practice. I held a degree in psychology and a diploma in journalism. I had also previously worked in advertising, managed two recording studios and published numerous articles in business and health magazines here in Australia and New Zealand. Surely that commanded respect and made me sound special enough?

Maybe but then again maybe not. Nowadays it doesn’t matter nearly so much to me what my introduction says as long as it conveys the important stuff. Like my desire to help others pursue their dreams. That’s my ultimate goal in life and I understand that in order to talk the talk I need to be willing to walk the talk. Am I willing to do that? Indeed I am; every morning I wake up with fresh resolve and a desire to chase my dreams to the best of my ability.

Then there are my values, the ones I treasure most in life: like honesty, respect, trust, patience, love, compassion and commitment. These few words say more about me than any full-length resume ever will. Career-wise I am a writer, a life coach and an author. But first and foremost I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. While I try to embrace all of life’s opportunities I am still human just like you. I make mistakes but each time I fall down I make sure to get up and brush my knees off again.

My philosophy is simple: I believe that life is full of ups and downs but ultimately every individual in this world has something special to share. So what is your gift? And are you willing to begin sharing with others today?



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