They say life is a series of moments but it is also more than that. It is a gift and an opportunity for growth, an amalgamation of challenges and choices and a chance to learn valuable lessons along this journey through life.

These defining “Aha!” insights that fill us with sudden inspiration, revelation or recognition are called “lightbulb moments”. One by one these lightbulbs switch on, giving us more and more clarity and understanding in our life.


Awareness is a paradox because the more you know, the more you have to consider.


Sometimes this mindfulness sits heavy like a burden on our shoulders. Because that’s the thing: once you are aware of something you cannot become UNAWARE about it. You cannot pretend you don’t know a truth, a lie, a fact or pretence.


They say ignorance is bliss and in some ways this is true.


Yet as Aldous Huxley so wisely said facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

My book LIGHTBULB MOMENTS – 50 AHA! MOMENTS THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE details 50 lightbulb moments that have the potential to change your life. Because once you have seen the light it is impossible to go back and live in the darkness.

Once the world is bright and clear you cannot act as if you are a blind man who still cannot see. It is our job to embrace each lightbulb moment as it comes and allow it to light up our life from this day forward.


For more information on this book click here or you are welcome to purchase it from Amazon, IBooks and other leading online bookstores. 




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