The book was based on the following sage quote by Denis Waitley:

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

I set out to compile a comprehensive list of 100 life skills that every kid would benefit from mastering by the time they were ready to leave home and this resulted in a 264 page book.


The bottom line is we are raising the future adults of the world.


It is our job to equip our kids with the skills they need to survive and prosper in this world. This is one of the greatest gifts we can pass on as parents.

I honestly believe that if a child hasn’t learned something yet (that is age-appropriate), it is either because:

a) they haven’t been taught this task yet at all,

b) they haven’t had it explained to them in a way they understand or comprehend or

c) they haven’t had the hands-on experience to feel confident enough to do it themselves.

All the skills listed below are explained in the book in a simple-easy-to-understand way for kids. However the list also serves as a great reference guide for parents too.

Has your child mastered these skills yet (those which are age-appropriate)? Have you provided your child with the right tools he or she needs to feel confident and competent in life? There is no reason why they can’t start to learn any of these new skills today.




Inside The Home
  1. How To Do The Laundry
  2. How To Mow The Lawn
  3. How To Iron
  4. How To Change The Sheets
  5. How To Wash The Dishes
  6. How To Sew And Mend
  7. How To Unclog A Toilet
  8. How To Set A Table
  9. How To Keep The House Clean
  10. How To Do Basic Home Improvements
  11. How To Pick Up After Yourself


Outside The Home
  1. How To Keep Plants Alive
  2. How To Parallel Park
  3. How To Build A Campfire
  4. How To Order At A Restaurant
  5. How To Take Public Transportation
  6. How To Be A Respectful House Guest
  7. How To Get From A To B
  8. How To Take Care Of A Car
  9. How To Pump Gas


Staying Alive
  1. How To Cook Something That Doesn’t Come In A Box
  2. How To Know When You Are Sick
  3. How To Perform CPR
  4. How To Swim
  5. How To Perform The Heimlich Manoeuvre
  6. How To Practise Good Dental Hygiene
  7. How To Grocery Shop
  8. How To Perform Basic First Aid
  9. How To Keep Yourself Clean
  10. How To Use Contraception
  11. How To Deal With An Emergency Situation
  12. How To Defend Yourself
  13. How To Eat Right


You Need Money To Survive
  1. How To Find A Job
  2. How To Keep A Job
  3. How To Budget And Keep Track Of Your Spending
  4. How To Save Money And Shop Frugally
  5. How To Use A Credit Card
  6. How To Manage Time And Follow A Schedule
  7. How To Set Goals
  8. How To Delegate


Time To Be A Grown-Up
  1. How To Say “No”
  2. How To Be A Good Judge Of Character
  3. How To Admit You Were Wrong
  4. How To Be True To Yourself
  5. How To Be Patient
  6. How To Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough
  7. How To Think For Yourself
  8. How To Relax
  9. How To Make A Decision
  10. How To Pitch In
  11. How To Dress Properly
  12. How To Pack Your Own Bag


Stuff You Just Need To Know
  1. Know How to Be Grateful
  2. Know Your Values
  3. Know You Are Loved
  4. Know Someone Believes In You
  5. Know How To Deal With Problems
  6. Know You Are Not The Centre Of The Universe
  7. Know How To Respond To Criticism
  8. Know The Difference Between Love And Infatuation
  9. Know Your Parents Are People Too
  10. Know Where To Turn For Help
  11. Know What You Are Good At


Nothing Wrong With Being A Smarty Pants
  1. How To Prepare And Write A Resume
  2. How To Study
  3. How To Proofread
  4. How To Use A Dictionary
  5. How To Identify A Potential Scam
  6. How To Send A Professional Email
  7. How To Write An Essay
  8. How To Keep Your Computer Secure
  9. How To Back Up Your Data
  10. How To Read Official Documents
  11. How To Search Google Like A Pro
  12. How To Detect A Lie
  13. How To Plan An Event
  14. How To Manage Social Media
  15. Master Basic Math
  16. Value Learning
  17. Value Things Besides Material Possessions


Be An All-Round Gracious, Kind Human Being
  1. How To Defuse Potential Conflict
  2. How To Advocate For Yourself
  3. How To Write A Thank You Letter
  4. How To Talk To Strangers
  5. How To Have A Conversation With Someone Of Any Age
  6. How To Take Responsibility
  7. How To Use Your Voice
  8. Have Good Social Skills
  9. Have Manners
  10. Have And Take The Initiative (To Do Stuff!)
  11. Understand The Value Of A Mistake
  12. How to Let Go of Past Grievances
  13. How to Stay Calm
  14. How to Not Be Judgmental


Bonus Skills
  1. How To Grow Food
  2. How To Have Basic Survival Skills
  3. How To Speak In Front Of Others
  4. Know Your Rights
  5. How To Pick The Right Partner




If you would like to learn more about the book LIFE SKILLS: 100 THINGS EVERY KID NEEDS TO KNOW BEFORE LEAVING HOME click here.




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