How does your Life Coaching series work?

12 weeks is all it takes to turn your life around. In our Life Revamp coaching series you will set 3 heart-thumping goals, which you will work constructively towards for 12 Weeks. There are weekly hour-long sessions during which you get the opportunity to reflect, explore, plan and achieve.

During this 12-week Life Coaching Series your coach will:

  1. Encourage you to stretch yourself
  2. Challenge you to realise your potential and bring out your best
  3. Dare you to take risks
  4. Take you out of your comfort zone
  5. Give you a system that will help you achieve results
  6. Alter how you think, feel and act and get you to appreciate your own greatness

Coaching will achieve this by:

  1. Setting powerful and compelling goals, and helping you to stick to them
  2. Helping you to look at all your options widely, and think deeply about your choices
  3. Giving you a step-by-step process that avoids the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start
  4. Setting deadlines which gives the process some urgency and importance
  5. Working within a 12-week time frame; enough time to complete your assigned goals, but short enough to stay focused and motivated
  6. Getting you to identify old obstructive habits, drop them, and develop new productive habits instead.
  7. Helping you to stay committed to yourself and your goals, and reminding you that your happiness is your main priority

What happens when you hire a coach?

Many things but most importantly:

  • You take yourself more seriously
  • You take more effective, smarter and focused actions immediately
  • You stop putting up with what is dragging you down
  • You create momentum so that it’s easier to get results
  • You set better goals that are more specifically what YOU want
  • You reach for much more than you would on your own

What can a life coach help me achieve?

My coaching approach is based on the belief that people can accomplish vastly more than they think they can. Coaches are extensively trained to deliver personal, business and executive coaching with people from all walks of life and focusing on all types of dreams.

Listed below are a few of the different areas in which you can achieve success:

  •     Business & Career growth
  •     Health & Well-being
  •     Time & Stress management
  •     Financial growth
  •     Wealth creation
  •     Creative Expression
  •     Enhancing personal relationships
  •     Achieving emotional abundance
  •     Self-empowerment & personal reinvention

What is your fee ?

You will be given a firm quote when you do the initial no-obligation trial session. This first 60 minute session is completely obligation-free – in order to give you a chance to see how it works, what it feels like and have up to 3 great goals before you make a decision. If you do not wish to go ahead, you walk away paying nothing.

My current fee schedule

For TELEPHONE SESSIONS fees start from A$75 per session.

For FACE-TO-FACE SESSIONS fees start from A$100 per session.

Payments are requested in advance for every 4 sessions. If your goals relates to your professional development, coaching may be considered a tax deduction. Almost every client retrospectively acknowledges that the value gained from the series more than surpasses that of the investment. Thus the question is: how much is being coached worth to you? And can you put a price on those dreams?

To book your session in please email us on: inspiringlifedreams@outlook.com