10 Parenting Universal Truths To Remember

parenting truths




Here are some universal truths

Let’s keep this parenting advice short and simple


1 . There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. Just the same…there’s no such thing as a perfect child either. Everyone is simply doing the best they can with the skills and awareness that they have

2. There will be good days and there will be totally crappy days. Expect both to avoid the surprise, frustration and disappointment

3. Don’t forget YOUR NEEDS MATTER. To take care of others you must first take care of yourself

4. All a child really wants is to be loved, appreciated and understood. All a parent needs is support, the occasional guilt-free break and a good night’s sleep

5. Your child is not an adult so don’t expect him or her to act like one. Don’t burden them with adult problems either. It isn’t fair to them

6. Worry less about the fact that your kids don’t listen and more about the fact that they are always WATCHING you.

7. Respect? Honesty? Compassion? Children learn more from HOW YOU BEHAVE than what you preach about. Remember HOME is the most important school where your kids will learn from – not the outside world

8. That voice in your child’s head – their inner critic – is influenced most by you. What words are they hearing? How smart and capable they are or how stupid and inept they are? Choose your words wisely

9. Forgive yourself and others freely and let go of anger and resentment – not when you are ready BUT WHEN YOU AREN’T READY. That’s what’s called unconditional love.

10. Finally, the things you complain about now – the fighting, the messy bedrooms – one day you will actually miss. So enjoy it now, before it is too late. Because special moments are fleeting and children don’t stay young forever.



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