How To Make Money As A Kid – 101 Fabulous Kid and Teen Business Ideas

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Is your teen dying to earn more money than they can score at their local fast-food joint or with their pocket money?


Are they expressing the desire to start up their own business? If that’s the case congratulations are definitely in order!

Kids and teens with a burning wish to create their own income stream should definitely be encouraged and admired.  Some of us may feel intimidated or overwhelmed by their big dreams (ah is this actually a trap? Am I somehow going to get stuck running the business for them?)


But…before you squash this exciting yet maybe scary notion please know that this entrepreneurial spirit is something to be treasured.


Trust me, kids and teens can run businesses successfully and there are MANY teens already running their own super profitable business – just Google teen entrepreneurs!

If your child or teen happens to show even the tiniest spark of entrepreneurial spirit, DO NOT discourage them by laughing at their ideas.

Instead nurture this curiosity, get them to do some research. Even if it isn’t a multi-million success, get them to at least give it a go if the idea is viable.

What’s the worst thing that they happen? They either learn that their ideas need some adjusting or they are rewarded for their time and effort.

To me, that is a win-win scenario. There are no mistakes, just lessons learned.


Here are 101 ideas that any teen or kid could potentially pursue if they show a skill, desire or passion for that particular area.





1 Homemade Greeting Cards

2 Homemade candles

3 Personalized and Handmade Invitations

4 Custom Painting

5 Jewellery And Accessories Designer

6 Clothing Designer

7 T-Shirt Designer

8 Artist and Illustrator

9 Cartoons and Caricatures

10 Personalized Song Writing

11 Magician

12 Musician or Busker




13 Chocolate

14 Cookies

15 Fresh Produce and herbs

16 Gift baskets

17 Lemonade / Drinks Stand

18 Ice-cream Stand

19 Sauces and Salsas

20 Specialty Goods

21  Cake baking and decorating

22 Catering

23 Gourmet Baked Goods




24 Custom Doll houses

25 Knitting and Quilting

26 Flower Arrangements

27 Cushion Covers

28 Lip Glosses and Cosmetics

29 Hair Scrunchies and Headbands

30 Making Friendship Bracelets

31 Soaps and Bath bombs

32 Inventing new things!




33 Ironing

34 Alterations and custom tailoring

35 Cleaning

36 Running Errands and deliveries

37 Make-up artist

38 Nail studio

39 Personal chef

40 Personal organizer

41 Personal trainer

42 Music instrument tuning and repair

43 Hair styling and braiding

44 Tutoring

45 Collecting Firewood

46 Home organizer

47 Carpet or blind cleaning

48 Window cleaning

49 Garage Sale organizer

50 Interior Design

51 Packing / Unpacking

52 Construction Cleaning

53 Deck cleaning

54 General Maintenance/Handyman

55 House Painting

56 High pressure washing

57 Lawn mowing/care and gardening

58 Pool cleaning / maintenance

59 Landscaping

60 Car washing and detailing

61 Events management

62 Babysitting

63 Children’s Party or Event Organizer

64 Cooking with Kids

65 Gift Wrapping

66 Leaf or Snow Removal





67 Fishtank clean and maintenance

68 Dog washing and grooming

69 Dog walking

70 Poop scooping

71 Breeding mice or hamsters

72 Pet sitting

73 Making pet treats

74 Making personalized pet dishes




75 Web development and maintenance

76 Social Media Design

77 Computer Repairs

78 Graphic Design

79 DJ

80 Photographer

81  Videographer and video editing

82 Photoshop editing

83 Logo Design

84 Flyers and Posters

85 Business cards

86 Animation

87 Shooting of Commercials

88 Event recording and editing

89 Voice-overs, jingles and sound effects




90 Computer Tutor

91 Educational Tutor

92 Music Lessons or music practice buddy

93 Surfing Lessons

94 Tour Guide




95 Articles and blog posts

96 Proofreading and editing

97 Kid’s Book Author

98 Transcription

99 Resume or essay writing

100 Research and summaries

101 Copy writing and fact checking


Have your child or teen peruse this list to see if anything here that sparks their imagination.  What idea sounds the most attractive? Is there anything here that they could start right now? I would love to hear any success stories if you have some to tell.


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