Frances Vidakovic



Let me start by introducing myself.

I'm Frances Vidakovic – the author of 20 books, ex-life coach, mother of two kids and a committed dream chaser (hence my obsession with dreamcatchers!). 


I write books and blog posts that inspire parents (and kids too) to live a more purposeful, fabulous lives.


If that's on your wishlist, then you have found your happy space!


P.S Yep, that's my crazy, beloved family below.




Here's the truth – the time to begin living your life with purpose is TODAY.  What are you waiting for?





As an author and blogger, I hope to encourage you to embrace all facets of life, not just the good but also the bad, not just the victories but also the challenges.


There isn’t a person in this world that is lucky enough to score a smooth, trouble-free ride the whole way – we all have to take a ride on the crazy roller-coaster.





After over a decade of coaching others to achieve success, I now create books, tools and resources that motivate moms to chase their dreams and hopefully live an inspiring life too. 

If you are a mom seeking to live life with intention please feel free to explore >> my books << or >> blog << which focus primarily on life and parenting.



In the meantime…let's get to know each other better.


As a mom myself I understand full well the struggles that parenthood can bring.

And if you are a mom of a special needs child, I know from experience that life can sometimes hit you twice as hard.


But that doesn't mean you can't still dream big and chase your dreams.


My own son has a neuromuscular condition which requires him to use power wheelchair but we have never let his disability get in the way of living an amazing life.

We all have been dealt different cards in life – it is what it is – and it's your job to play them well. 



Frances Vidakovic


Now for 20 fun facts about myself. Imagine I have just invited you over to my place for a drink – this is the stuff I would love to share with you!





1. When I was a child, I wanted to be a detective and was obsessed with Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. I was never without a book in hand – I would bring one every night with me to the dinner table and I would fall asleep under the bed covers with a flashlight on my pillow. Still to this day, I have kept all my favorite childhood books like The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High (literally hundreds of them!) because I can’t bear the thought of letting them go.

2. Growing up, I had two pen-pals who lived in the US and every day I would race to the mailbox to see if I had received a new letter. It was the highlight of my week to receive mail and of course, I was that crazily devoted pen-pal who wrote back the very same day.

3. I am an introvert as much as I am an extrovert. I love the smell of the outdoors, the warmth of a campfire and if I had it my way I would live by the sea because the sight of water makes me feel most at home.

4. My parents were both born and bred on an Adriatic Island where I lived for years after finishing university (hence my obsession with the sea). Living on an island changed me irrevocably because I got to see the other side of life. My closest friends became people who had little but loved deeply, lived well, dreamed big and lived every moment as though it was possibly their last.

5. I never knew how much I wasna “pampered princess” until I lived in a small village where luxuries were a rarity and I thrived rather than shrivelled without these things in my life. I value honesty, compassion, hard work and trustworthiness more than I do money or any other material possessions.

6. If I could be friends with one celebrity it would be Oprah.

7. I have little care for negativity and people who suck the energy right out of you. I treasure old friends as though they are precious jewels worth their weight in gold.

8. I believe mistakes are the best lessons a person can have in life but only if you learn from them (if not these mistakes will just keep repeating themselves over and over until you finally get it!).

9. I dress for comfort and think a person is most beautiful when they laugh freely and know how to poke fun at themselves.

10. If I could spend my time doing ANYTHING, I would spend it writing while travelling.

11. Board games are my thing! If anyone is playing Rummykin, Sequence or a card game I have to join in.

12. I slightly freak out when I discover someone hasn’t watched the movies I deem to be classics (and then make it my mission to watch it with them). My top six picks includes: Stand By Me, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies, The Giver, Run Lola Run and Grease.

13. I am the eldest of three girls and think the day feels empty if I haven’t spoken to one of my sisters. Weekly dinners with my family are a must – my parents would probably disown me if I missed more than one in a row.

14. I wake up early no matter how late I go to bed and I consider 7:30am a massive sleep-in.

15. I’m that crazy person obsessed with capturing every beautiful moment of my life (and of course, that of my family). I am the friend that everyone can count on to snap the perfect pic.

16. My favorite words are epitome and epiphany.

17. I have kept all of my school report cards and still have a box hidden away filled with my old mix cassette tapes plus Archie and Betty and Veronica comics.

18. I believe you can never have too many pretty notebooks, black felt-tip pens or summer dresses.

19. My favorite foods are pizza and vanilla slices.

20. Oh and I saved the best for last. Family for me is everything. Everything! (Followed closely by writing but mainly because it is so deeply ingrained in me I can’t escape it. Only problem is, as Lawrence Kasdan said, being a writer is like having homework every day for the rest of your life. Lucky me!


This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I look forward to getting to know you better…