Blogging course are they worth the investment


Blogging courses are they really worth the money_




Are blogging courses worth it? This is the question pressing upon every blogger’s mind when they first start blogging.


To pay or not to pay? That is the magic question…


Last year in November when I first started to change the way I viewed my website (and began to see myself not just as an author but a blogger) I realised that times had changed.

When I launched my old life coaching website back in 2001, it was easy enough for me to rank first for keywords – anyone who searched for life coach in Sydney would see my website come up number one in the search results.

I can’t even really remember what I did to snag that coveted special top spot!

Fast forward almost two decades and it was a completely different ballgame.

SEO is a term thrown around constantly and at the beginning I honestly had no idea what Search Engine Optimisation entailed.

Bloggers also raved about Pinterest and I only saw it as a place I could find pretty pins, without understanding the true powerhouse it could be for driving traffic to a website.

It was time to invest in my education for my new career and I had no idea where to begin.

I didn’t doubt for a second the importance of courses or value-packed e-books because I knew this is what I needed to do to grow my online business.


Just like a doctor needs to go to medical school to learn his highly-developed level of skills and a plumber undertakes an apprenticeship to learn his trade, I knew I needed to learn from the best of the best and the most successful bloggers currently out there.



And this is where the stress began – there are literally hundreds of courses and books out there claiming to hold the key to your blog’s success.

And most of these courses were expensive!

I didn’t want to make the mistake of handing over my hard-earned money without making sure I would be getting value for my investment.

So I spent hours and hours researching which courses and books to buy and reading review upon review upon review.

I would constantly um and ah about this task and procrastinate over pressing the BUY button, because I thought – hey, maybe I can do it myself without taking any course.

Everyone says the internet offers bloggers so much FREE stuff, so my initial thought was maybe I could work out what I needed to do using only the free information widely available to all.


Well let’s just say depending on the free information did not work for me.


It was too all-over-the-place for me, coming at me in dribs and drabs.

There was no step-by-step plan for me to follow, which is something I discovered much later I really needed.  






My website only started to take off the moment I began to invest in my new career and the courses I mention in the review section are the ones that helped me get there.



Since investing in courses my blog has experienced a steady, consistent growth – by August 2018 – 9 months into my blogging journey – I had 155K+ pageviews.

And by the end of 2018 I finally reached a total of 1 MILLION PAGEVIEWS (yes 1,000,000 pageviews for the year!)


You may be wondering why didn’t I buy just one course or book and leave it at that?


I think it was because I was at a stage where I was ready and willing to soak up as much valuable information like a sponge.

I wanted to learn! I wanted to get to the point that I felt total clarity about my new carer.

Every course or book I bought offered me something different and complemented the other ones nicely, offering me a more well-rounded education.

Still to this day I refer to them often, as though they are compulsory textbooks that have allowed and propelled me to graduate to the next level of blogging.

That doesn’t mean to say I am now an expert blogger.

Even expert bloggers – which I define as someone who has monetised their blog and is earning more than $5000 a month from their efforts – will admit that there is always something new to learn.

But I am no longer a novice. I see so many newbie bloggers reaching out for help over basic matters and I think this could be easily resolved by invested in a book or course that gives them all the information they need.

I also secretly think that when you invest your money in a courses you put some pressure on yourself to see results in exchange for this expense. It quietly forces you to work harder. 

They give you that much-needed push in the right direction.


If you want to be a serious blogger, take it seriously!

You wouldn’t expect to work as a hairdresser without some professional instruction and you wouldn’t jump into a career as a psychologist without expecting to complete a degree.


Thankfully the setup for bloggers is minimal and you can invest in courses one at a time, at your leisure and when they are within your budget. 

There is no need to buy more than one course if you feel it gives you everything you need.

But if you are like me, you may choose to keep learning, in a desperate attempt to feel 100% confident in your blogging attempts.

That confidence came to me slowly yet surely over time and I wholeheartedly recommend and feel like the following courses are responsible for my growing success.

Never forget – knowledge is power!



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