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Here are the best resources you can utilize, whether you are just a beginner or more established blogger.


I have researched all of these tools extensively and tried and tested everything out so you can be sure these recommendations are the best of the best!

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I have shared my love for Siteground in a post before and personally found these guys to be a superior web hosting provider.

But other bloggers swear by Bluehost and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of these two web hosting companies.

I also recommend Namecheap for super cheap domain names.



why siteground is best







If you are looking for a killer website theme or a new brand logo you really need to check out the following companies.

My own logo is from AUTUMN LANE PAPERIE  which sells beautiful premade designs for only US$17.

And my theme is from BLUCHIC, which sells premium, feminine WordPress themes that look AMAZING for only $79! Themeforest also has a massive range of website themes.



Autumn Lane Paperie




If you have a presence on Pinterest, then Tailwind is THE scheduling tool that is absolutely essential.

You won’t even realize how fabulous it is until you finally bite the bullet and sign up for Tailwind.

Be prepared to watch your engagement and clickthroughs totally skyrocket soon afterwards.

You can grab your free month of Tailwind here.







The three most popular email marketing automation tools to consider are MailerLite, ConvertKit and Mailchimp.

I have tried out all of them and definitely recommend either MailerLite or ConvertKit if you want to take your blog seriously.

Mailchimp is possibly fine when you are first starting out as it is free up to 2000 subscribers but be prepared to jump over at some stage to MailerLite (which is free up to 1000 subscribers) or ConvertKit (plans start there at $29 per month but it’s worth every penny) as your blog or business grows.








When it comes to designing graphics, Canva, PicMonkey and Get Stencil are my three go-to programs.

I’m not sure why but I like to do different things with each program.

The free version of Canva is super easy to use (my kids started using it back in primary school for school assignments). 

PicMonkey is another program that helps you create beautiful photos, logos and social media graphics.

As for Get Stencil I have a massive crush on this software.

I love it because it allows you to automatically resize images and post content straight to social media from within the app.

Perfect for creating social media posts, ad graphics, content marketing visuals, email images & more!











It took a while for me to realize that even though I had a membership with DepositPhotos.com every Tom, Dick and Harry was using the same stock photos for their graphics.

This is when I went searching for an alternative and I fell totally in love with both HAUTE STOCK and IVORY MIX.

Their stock memberships are super cheap and offer 1000’s of stunningly beautiful photos to use for free.

If you understand the importance of beautiful photos in marketing, this will be a game changer for you.



Haute Stock


Ivory Mix Affiliate





A resource page wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Google Analytics – it is the king of analytics and the only numbers you need to pay attention to as a blogger!

Teachable is also the best platform if you wish to create courses while Fiverr is my go-to for outsourcing all the tricky or menial jobs in my business for just $5! I’ve written about my love for Fiverr here.







This guide isn’t like anything you have ever come across. It isn’t a flimsy 15-page leaflet. Instead it is over 200 page of valuable and actionable content. 

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