Early Days of Blogging For Writers

blogging first month

This post is all about blogging for writers

So you want to start blogging?


Sitting down to write a blog post is quite different from the task of writing books – and with 18 books in total, I definitely know enough about the latter to make a comparison.  Dare I say: writing blog posts is possibly just as hard as writing a book?

I thankfully do find the process of writing books simpler now that I have more experience up my sleeve. Once I decide my  topic and purpose, I research the idea until I have accumulated enough understanding and then I set to work, creating something out of nothing.

Blog posts on the other hand are more like floating stories in the breeze. Some people catch them  as they pass but if they aren’t looking the right way, the words sail away like a lost autumn leaf.

I’m sure other writers have different motives for having a blog but my own personal reason is to connect with my readers.


But I often wonder


How is a blogger supposed to effectively do this?

How do we reach out to touch something we cannot see?

Which stories do we share?

What thoughts and feelings are important enough for us to divulge?

One month into my blogging journey I have finally started to love this outlet for self-expression. I get to share my thoughts and feelings in powerful snippet-sized portions whenever the inspiration hits. And what writer wouldn’t love that personal freedom?

Ever since I was young I have been a voracious reader and I have always enjoyed discovering more about my favorite authors and the person behind the pen.

What makes these writers tick? What inspires them to write? Via this blog I hope to offer the same gift of honesty and openness to my own readers. But just because I have the ability to write doesn’t mean I should write about anything and everything that comes to mind.


My formula to a successful blog post thus far is simple:


Write about stuff that excites you

Write about things that dig deep, even if it sometimes hurts

Write about material that emotionally strikes a chord within

Write down everything that needs to be said, because if you don’t share it you might just internally combust


Some points to keep in mind:


It doesn’t matter if your post isn’t perfectly written.

We aren’t here to be graded or sit an English exam.

As humans we are all blessed with different gifts and foibles and consequently we all have different viewpoints on life.

So feel free to walk to the beat of your own drum.

In fact I encourage you to do so.

Be proud of your individuality and have the courage to open yourself up to the world and let others in.


Your words are a gift because they give others the opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes for a change, namely yours.


Revel in that amazing liberating feeling you get from knowing you are you and you have no longer have anything to hide.

And don’t worry at all about whether people are judging you or not. Those who judge you harshly for being YOU aren’t the sort of people you want in your life.

Admittedly, people won’t always agree with you.

But that’s okay; the truth is you will never, ever be able to please everyone in this world.

In fact it would be crazy to expect universal praise.

Just do what you feel is right.

Write what feels right to you.


If you too are a blogger, there’s a good chance we are more alike than we are different.


Oftentimes I fool myself into thinking I am writing for others when the truth is I am really writing for myself.

Even if I didn’t have an audience I would still spill my heart onto paper and type away day after day. Yep, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

And that I think is the best way to write – straight from the heart, because deep inside you have something to say and you aren’t able to stop until it is finally out, taking the first breath of life through your words.



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