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I love short, to-the-point information and enjoy challenging myself to compact and compress descriptions of things in a succinct way.


So when I was challenged to describe my books in 10 words or less, I took it. And here it is – my 18 books described for you in a short, sweet way.


Books By Frances Vidakovic


My Fiction Books


Just A Little Break

In love some games are not meant to be played


Before I Die: A Pact

What happens when you have 12 months left to live?


Pretty Mansnatchers

Some girls were born to be hated. Watch out girls!


Until I Fall Again

Two sisters and a village that will change them forever


Enchanted Island – Where Love and Hate Collide

An eloquent tale of an adventure to the darker side


My Non-Fiction Books


Do Something!: The No-BS Guide For Anyone Who Needs To Stop Wasting Their Time Today

Life is short. Kick-start guide for taking action today


Inspiring Teens: A Guide To Living Life Without Regret

Teens are the future of this world. Raise them well


Life Skills: 100 Things Every Kid Needs To Know Before Leaving Home

The basic tools every child needs to succeed in life


Lightbulb Moments: 50 AHA! Insights That Will Transform Your Life

Highlights 50 important life lessons we all need to heed


Life Is An Experiment: 100 Experiments To Change Your Life

Your whole life is just an experiment so embrace it


Happy Thoughts: 200 Inspiring Quotes Explained for Kids and Teens

Words have power so choose them wisely for your kids


When He’s A Keeper: But You Feel Like Throwing Him Away

Avoid a breakup by embracing these simple, strategic relationship tips


Life Hacks: 1001 Clever Ideas To Save You Time, Money and Stress

1001 Inventive tips to save you time, money and stress


The Smart Kids Guide to Everything

Encyclopedia filled with essentials facts and trivia about the world


Create a Life You Love: A Strategic Guide To Achieving Your Dreams

Find your passion and purpose Make plans to chase it


They Say I’m Special: 100 Tips for Raising a Happy and Resilient Child with Special Needs

Effective tips to give your special child a meaningful life


Savings Hacks: 365 Simple Ways To Keep More Money In Your Pocket

Stop wasting money today by implementing these 365 simple strategies


Croatian Princess: Confessions From A Croatian-Born Australia And Her Life Back Home

Musings on life when you are torn between two homelands


To learn more about my books click here. 


Books By Frances Vidakovic



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