Before I Die



What would you do differently if you knew that in one year you were going die?


This is the dilemma best friends Renata, Saffron and Charlotte face, after making a pact to end the discontent in their lives.

Ending the pain is simple: after their proposed last year on Earth they plan to plunge off Deadman’s Cliff.

Their reasoning is even simpler: if by age thirty a person hasn’t sorted herself out chances are she never would.

Renata, Saffron and Charlotte are simply over days that spin around like a broken record. They can either choose to spend the next fifty years battling torturous discontent or exchange it for one year of freedom. Fast and furious versus silent and slow – either way in the end they must go.

So the countdown is on. Over the next year the friends must do whatever it takes to shed their discontent, all with the knowledge there are no limits because pretty soon they won’t exist in this world.

Sometimes it’s only when we reach the end that we learn how to live. And sometimes going crazy is the only way to stay sane…




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