Enchanted Island


Somewhere in this world exists a charming place called Enchanted Island, where two towns stand. For those living in Winter Valley life is always grand. Home to the perpetually happy twins Jemima and Jack Jollyton, Winter Valley is a secluded village filled with kindness and love.

Life in Summer Haven is however not so fantastic. In this wealthy tourist escape the residents are selfish and cruel, especially Samson and Stella Von Stropp, two of the most obnoxious kids anyone could have the misfortune of meeting.

For years they have lived unaware of each other’s presence. Until one day Samson and Stella take on a dare and are catapulted on an adventure to a world so close yet completely different from their own.

An eloquent tale brimming with lessons, ENCHANTED ISLAND illustrates what happens when love and hate collide. But be warned the clash will not be pretty…

Length: 350 pages
Ages: 12+




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