Life Hacks



Once upon a time, we didn’t live in a world where everything got replaced the moment it was broken. We didn’t live in a cashless society where things could be put on a “card”. People lived pay-check to pay-check and if you needed something but didn’t have the money on hand, you had to find out an alternative way to make things work.

This book includes 1001 creative, clever ideas, more commonly known as LIFE HACKS. A life hack is technically any strategy, technique, trick or shortcut that helps you manage your time and resources in a more effective and efficient manner.

So if you are looking to make your life easier and save time, money and stress, this book is definitely for you! Remember there is always more than one solution to every problem on hand. Can’t see it? That’s okay. This book which will spark your creativity with more than 1000 ideas for achieving simple things in a potentially more productive way.




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