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Just over a month ago I launched my latest course:






Boost Your Blog Traffic Today



Now I know there are already a trillion and one blogging courses available on the market but last year I saw a desperate need in this market that I was determined to fill. Unlike other bloggers who lightly skimmed the surface of this topic or focused on one thing (Pinterest, anyone?), my goal was to create the most comprehensive, amazing guide on the topic of blog traffic, backed by research and proven to work by ordinary people’s personal experiences.

And wow – let’s just say the resulting book is incredible. With over 200 pages of concrete, valuable strategies, this information supports what I have found to be true during my five years as a marketing and social media manager. These 50 tips will effectively and consistently drive traffic to your website.

The reviews have started to flood in and I am so happy to share a few of them here with you today.




WOW! That is the word that kept screaming through my brain as I read 50 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic.

When I read books that are intended to provoke a specific action or plan, I like to read them once through and then go back to the most pertinent parts and begin the implementation process. With this book, I found myself getting more and more excited and inspired with each TIP I read, starting with the very first one and building until the final word.

The sheer volume of essential, relevant information and its clear, concise delivery makes it a no-brainer purchase if you are in need of more blog traffic. And who isn’t?

I cannot wait to begin using the priceless strategies this book so painstakingly lays out. Boost Your Traffic not only gives suggestions for the best ways to get more traffic to your site, but the author manages to go into just enough detail to make it seem doable instead of daunting. While it is crammed with a crazy amount of information, she delivers it in such a way that makes the often overwhelming sea of information inherent in the online marketing process seem absolutely achievable.

It’s apparent that Frances not only talks the talk, but she walks it and offers to hold your hand while you walk it too! I have wasted years floundering in a sea of confusion as to what I should do to fix my traffic issue, and in one fell swoop Boost Your Traffic provides the answers!

Thanks, Frances Vidakovic, for sharing your hard-earned wit and wisdom so that your readers can reap the rewards in record time, minus the mistakes and waste of valuable time and money that often accompanies going it alone.

Boost Your Traffic is the perfect map for navigating the convoluted and confusing sea of online marketing information, giving me the confidence to try the methods that once scared me. It’s like having a partner who knows the ropes, holding your hand and guiding you through each process should you choose to utilize that particular tip. So glad I found it!

I am beyond stoked! I am INSPIRED! If you want to grow your blog traffic and are ready to roll up your sleeves and work for it, Boost Your Blog Traffic Today is the perfect roadmap that will steer you to success.


LINDA BURKE of The Now What? Fitness Series and





Boost Your Blog Traffic is a fabulously useful and in depth, one-stop guide. The tone is captivating (which is rare in this area) with real personal experience fed into each tip. The guide is not only useful to bloggers, but also for business owners and websites as it covers a lot of ground. It would be especially handy to people who haven’t yet learnt necessary terminology and aren’t sure where to start.

The guide covers practical common tools with great detail and includes lesser known information which is vital. With many years of experience in social media marketing, I still found numerous surprises about tools I’m familiar with.

Plus there are countless links which really amplify the convenience of the guide. I’m certain it has saved me many hours googling page after page of questionably unreliable content.







Whether you are a budding blogger or you simply need a refresher you need to have a copy of Boost Your Blog Traffic in your hot little hands. It is so well researched, so informative and an absolute must if you are serious about your blogging business.

The amount of detail is exceptional and it literally covers everything you need to know, includes links, hints and tips. Frances is very generous with her knowledge. I know what I’ll be devouring over and over again this year. Thank you Frances.




boost your blog traffic today




Boost your blog traffic course is one of the best thing I ever done to gain the understanding how social media works and how I can improve my business social presence and boost sales through the platforms.

What a great source of information in 50 steps and summary after each chapter which makes it easy to follow. I just realised how much I don’t know about tools available for social media promotion and how I can improve on it. After reading 50 steps I got a plan together to go forward and implement the changes.

Thank you so much Frances for sharing your knowledge I am very glad to come across this course!


IRINA SAMOYLOVA, Founder of Happy B. whipped infused honey




I launched a children’s accessory brand last year and at times have felt somewhat lost at knowing about how to grow my business online. This book was extremely valuable as it covers many potential ways to increase traffic to your website and clear, practical steps on how to do them.

Whether you know of ways to boost your traffic but are unsure where to start, or just have no idea what to do – having all the information in this one book and being able to work through the tips one by one is so helpful!







Amazing info, knowledge and an easy insightful read. Loved the introduction as I felt I knew you while reading the rest of your book. I’m going to read it for a second time to take it all in once again but I took a lot away from it to name a few “DONT jump the gun” loved it, social media aspects and never give up.

Could name more chapters but they were my favourites. All in all beautifully written and THANK YOU for sharing this information!


LAURA JANE of Event Stationery





“After blogging for 12 months I downloaded 50 Ways to Boost Your Traffic thinking I might get some good SEO tips or learn a few new hashtags. But, WOW, by tip 10 I have a whole page of notes and to-do tasks. Simple advice on interlinks & privacy/disclosure statements has me revamping my whole site! But my favourite so far is tip number 3.

It’s got me talking to people about my blog without doing a self-deprecating eye-roll when I say “I’m a blogger.” Thanks Frances for such a valuable resource. I am inspired, educated and excited to learn more.”






Thanks so much Frances for sharing this guide, I have found it really beneficial and I I will take a lot away from it. The Promote section was the best bit for me- it’s was informative, easy to digest and it was empowering. I’ve finished this guide with a long To Do List but a strong Can-do attitude which I can apply to building my business. Thank you Francis!


LUCY GOODWIN, Designer of Activewear



To check out the course, which is available now at an introductory price of $17 click below.



Boost Your Blog Traffic



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