breastfeeding log printable

breastfeeding log printable

If you are looking for a BREASTFEEDING LOG PRINTABLE then you have come to the right place!


Here you will find a totally free breastfeeding log printable and template that you can download as a PDF and begin using today.


Even better – it is tried and tested (with my two kids!) and it definitely works. I can’t imagine surviving the early days of parenthood without this printout by my side!





So we were so excited to finally meet our latest baby cousin on the weekend (gorgeous little Isla!).

Upon visiting Isla, I was amazed to find my cousin and new mom recording all her feedings onto pieces of paper, exactly as I did long ago with both my kids. 

Maybe it’s a new mother thing, but when you have a baby, you get quite particular about knowing exactly what is happening, when and where.

Making sure the baby is feeding enough suddenly becomes the most important thing in the world.

Are they getting enough milk?

Are they pooping enough?

Are they sleeping too much or too little?

Even though my kids are older now those early days are still imprinted deeply on my mind.


I remember full well the sleepless nights and the long exhausted days.


I remember the stress and panic that sometimes consumed me – am I doing everything right? Is baby happy?

(Newsflash – doing the best you can, with the tools you have right now and a well-meaning, loving heart, DEFINITELY equals a good, normal mommy).

During the early weeks, I created a breastfeeding template for myself that I used daily to log my baby’s feedings, sleep patterns and diaper activities.


And here it is now!


I have dug it out to share with you guys now and kept it as authentically old-school as possible (why not? It worked amazingly for me back then).

The only amendment I have made is the extra column I’ve included now for bottle feeds – which acknowledges the fact that not everyone breastfeeds and yep, even breastfeeding moms now sometimes pump and feed their babies via a bottle instead.  


Sample image but you can download the template in PDF format at the end of this post. 




The only things you need to note about this template:


L and R = Left or Right boob

Circle whichever breast you feed from during that feed.

(Note: if you feed from both breasts (like I sometimes did) I used to circle both L & R but put an asterisk next to the boob I fed LAST from).


TIME = time you started breastfeeding.

Approximate time is fine.


LENGTH = approximate length of feed.

Approximate length is fine.


W = Wee and P = Poo 

Circle whichever one your baby has done when you change his or her nappy


Baby Sleep Log

I have included a bonus baby sleep log if you wish to keep track how often your precious baby sleep and for how long.


Other important points:


-Over time, the number of times you feed your baby during the course of 24 hours will naturally decrease. As they get older, they will be able to naturally go longer between feeds.

-However given that I had some days where I had a more-than-usually hungry baby I have included enough rows for 12 feeds. No, you probably won’t need it but I have included it anyway.

– Nope you don’t need to fill it in every day. There isn’t a rule that every new mom HAS TO DO THIS AT ALL.

-For the first two weeks I did use this template religiously and then after that I used it as per need, especially when my baby was unusually fussy or a little more unpredictable than usual.

-Remember to be mindful of what you eat while breastfeeding as some foods can actually cause a lower milk supply. Here’s a great post that highlights 5 surprising foods to avoid while breastfeeding.

-SIMPLY KEEP IT AS A BACKUP.  It is up to you how often you choose to use it.






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