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I made a promise to myself this year that I wouldn’t write any more books.


Weird promise I know but after my crazy 2016  (where I lived and breathed writing, day in and day out and didn’t stop until I published eight new books)  I thought I deserved a break.

My goal in 2017 was to focus on the other side of writing – the more public rather than the private side.  

Hence my new favorite activity: blogging which I started doing in December 2017.

Only problem is as a writer I still have a million ideas flowing through my head at any one time and writing books is such a great way for me to consolidate these ideas.


And so it transpired without me intending for it to happen; a small seed of an idea for a blog series soon blossomed and evolved to become my 18th book.


It’s called DO SOMETHING! – The No-BS Guide for Anyone Who Needs To Stop Wasting Their Time Today. At 116 pages (in PDF form) it is shorter than the books I usually write  but it packs a punch, is to the point and brutally honest.

And unlike my other books DO SOMETHING! will be available on Amazon for just $1.49 (click here!) to give readers the opportunity to see what I am all about (in this instance: it’s all about pushing you to live a more productive and inspiring life).


Alternatively you can find a free copy within our free resources section – click here!



In the meantime see below for the blurb!


DO SOMETHING! – The No-BS Guide for Anyone Who Needs To Stop Wasting Their Time Today is the perfect short, succinct and brutally truthful book for anyone who finds themselves regularly procrastinating and acting as if they have all the time in the world to chase their dreams.


The truth is you don’t have forever.

This book will tackle the following ideas:

Trust Me: It’s Too Late When You’re Dead

•Working Out What Your “Something” Is. (And For The Record, Something Is Always Better Than Doing Nothing)

•There Is No Way To Sugar Coat The Truth: One Day You Are Going To Die.

•Create A Memory Today: Over 600 Potential “Something” Ideas

•The Value of Time: The Truth Is It’s Our Most Precious Commodity

•Don’t Assume You Have Time: None Of Us Know How Long We Have Left

•Your Time Is Now: Don’t Wait For Tomorrow As Tomorrow May Never Come


For the record this is not a read-once-put-away-forever sort of book.


Instead it is a read-every-day-until-the-message-finally-sinks-in-and-if-it-still-doesn’t-keep-reading-until-it-eventually-does sort of book.

Its aim is to serve as a companion on your journey and be a constant reminder that kicks you up the butt and off the couch.


Our goal: to get you to do SOMETHING – anything – worthwhile and valuable today.


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