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Fiverr Reviews – How Fivverr Has Saved Me Time, Stress and Money


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They say time is money and one of the worst things bloggers and business owners often do is try to be a Superhuman.

We try to do everything for everyone which – trust me, my friend – is a recipe for heartache, stress and a potential breakdown too.


It always amazes me when I discover that people don’t know about Fiverr.


I’m like – how can you not know about Fiverr? It has been a global platform since its launch in 2010 and has been responsible for over 25 million gigs (which is what they call any work you pay for).

And given that these tasks and services start at just $5US, I am totally in love with Fiverr!

So if you ever find yourself wasting valuable time on a) tasks that are either beyond your capabilities or b) so menial yet time-consuming, I recommend outsourcing what you can to Fiverr.

Some things are honestly best left to the professionals.


There have definitely been moments in the past when I have depended on Fiverr to save the day for me.


For example, I used Fiverr to transfer my hosting from WordPress over to a self-hosted domain.

It cost me $10 and the guy completed the job in less than an hour.


If left to my own devices it would have given me one big headache and taken hours to work it out myself. So it was a very small price to pay – I gladly handed over that money!

This was before I moved over to SITEGROUND and discovered they do it for FREE!

I have also outsourced the graphic design work for some of my book covers and paid someone to create a trailer for my website (because once again these things fell outside my area of expertise.)

It was cheaper and easier to outsource the task.




I even know some bloggers who regularly outsource the writing and research for their blog posts.

Honestly, my mind was blown when I first heard this! I loved the idea of someone doing the dirty work for me (research for an ill-fated book) and paying just $5 per 1000 words seemed super appealing at the time.

Alas it didn’t work out for me as I actually prefer to be hands-on with all my book stuff but still….this may be a godsend for someone else who is struggling with time and needs all the help they can get.


I mention this idea to you just so that you know the option of outsourcing is available to you if you are ever desperate for help or time-poor.


Outsource what you can’t do or master so that you have more time to focus on the tasks that will ultimately send traffic over to your blog or website and grow your business.


Fiverr can be used successfully for the following tasks:


  • Graphic design for posters, t-shirts and packaging
  • Logo Designs, Videos, Business Cards and Photoshop
  • Digital design for website and apps
  • Video or animation
  • Writing business related content or any creative content


  • Blog posts, Proofreading and Resumes
  • Digital marketing or data research
  • Social media, SEO or music promotion
  • Voiceovers, Mixing, Mastering
  • Programming and Tech stuff for WordPress, Mobile Apps and Website
  • Business activities like Virtual Assistants, Online Lessons and consulting


In summary, it is honestly fabulous knowing you can outsource work when you are stuck for time or a task simply goes over your head.

You can’t be and do everything for everyone.

Outsource your more difficult or menial work when you are stuck for time or need help in any capacity.

It is cheap and more importantly, effective at getting the job done well.


You can check out Fiverr HERE.



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