best gifts for teenage boys gift ideas

best gift ideas for teen boys


If you are looking for the 50 Best Gifts For Teen Boys,  you have come to the right place!

Finally here are some uniquely cool gifts for guys


Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, there’s nothing better than when a teenager opens up a gift and actually LOVES the gift they have received.

Nowadays that’s as rare as winning bingo right?

Just the same there’s nothing worse than investing your time, money and energy into trying to find the perfect present, only to discover the recipient secretly thought it sucked.

Like it seriously sucked!

But have no fear…


Here is the perfect guide to gift buying for teen boys.


So how do I know these items are great?


Well lucky me – I am in the thick of parenting a teenager myself so all I hear all day, every day now is about the absolutely cool things teenagers HAVE to have (or they might die apparently…sigh).

Turns out teenagers aren’t much different from us…except rather than wishing for Reebok Pumps or Hypercolor shirts (yep I was an 80s teen) they are pining over other much cooler stuff.

Even better, these young teens seem to be willing to share with me what exactly does and doesn’t fall onto this cool list.


So without further ado, here are the 50 best gifts for teen guys – as suggested and approved by teens themselves.


NOTE: Except I have to admit, the books haven’t been approved…Teens never really want that stuff do they?

But I have nonetheless included a few obligatory books on this list because hey I can’t help myself and I KNOW they will be APPRECIATED in the long run.

In the end you get what you get and you don’t get upset!


* This post contains affiliate links


You can click on each item to check it out


  1. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie
  2. Shower Speaker With Suction
  3. Fitbit Fitness Tracking Device
  4. Swiss Army Knife
  5. Virtual Reality Headset
  6. Magnetic Dart Board
  7. Rubik’s Race Game
  8. The Best Power Bank Charger
  9. Waterproof Action Camera
  10. Lie Detector
  11. I Got Your Back Stick Figure Shirt
  12. Alarm Clock For Nightstand
  13. Tabletop Air Hockey
  14. Tabletop Billiards / Pool Game
  15. Dipstick Dares and Jokes
  16. Swiss Leather Wallet
  17. Nike Training Sports Bag
  18. Over The Door Basketball Hoop
  19. Double Hammock
  20. Leather Writing Journal
  21. An Awesome Drone
  22. Plasma Ball
  23. Always Believe You Are Braver Than You Believe Dog Tag
  24. Superhero Comic Kit
  25. Calvin Klein Briefs
  26. Laundry Punching Bag
  27. CK One Eau De Toilette
  28. World Scratch Map
  29. Escape Room Game
  30. Pro Divers Watch
  31. Retro Magic 8 Ball
  32. Adidas Baseball Cap
  33. Noise-cancelling headphones
  34. Poker Set in Aluminium Case
  35. Back and Neck Massager
  36. Nike Pullover Hoodie
  37. In Case Of Emergency Break Glass Money Box
  38. Hover board
  39. PS4 FIFA 2019
  40. Xbox NBA Live 19
  41. Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses
  42. Bass Guitar
  43. Hands-Free Soccer Trainer
  44. Retro Pocket Game
  45. Waterproof Football
  46. Smartphone Projector
  47. Self-Stirring Mug
  48. Cereal Killer Spoon
  49. Gaming Keyboard
  50. Nike Revolution Running Shoes


BONUS: The Obligatory Book Ideas


  1. The Manual To Manhood: How To Cook The Perfect Steak, Change A Tire, Impress The Girls and 97 Other Skills You Need (Book)
  2. The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need To Know But Don’t Know To Ask
  3. Teens Cook: How To Cook What You Want To Eat
  4. The Guy’s Guide To Girls, God And The Phone In Your Pocket – 101 Real World Tips
  5. The Manual to Middle School – The “Do This, Not That” Survival Guide For Guys









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