how to be a good friend

how to be a good friend



If you are looking for info on how to be a good friend, then you have come to the right place!





Ah friends, where would we be without them?

I can honestly say I have been super blessed in my life to have such beautiful friends, both during my childhood and later in my adult years.

To me, friends are as precious as gold and I don’t know where I would be without their love, support, and acceptance.


A true friend is worth their weight in gold.


Actually scratch that – a true friend is * PRICELESS *.



As parents we obviously hope that our children grow up to have great friends too. Because, let’s be frank, life is so much easier when you have true buddies by your side.

Thankfully you can help your kids develop this lifelong skill of building strong friendships with their peers.  




Actively teach and demonstrate HOW to be a good friend.

Model healthy, respectful relationships with your own friends.

Help them to RECOGNIZE the qualities of a good friend too.

Tell them what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior from a true friend.


For the record, healthy friendships usually exhibit the following qualities:


1 – Respect

2 – Trust

3 – Loyalty

4 – Acceptance

5 – Support

6 – Dependability

7 – Good communication

8 – Fun

9 – Love and kindness

10 – Flexibility


Help your kids understand that you make different kinds of friends in life.


Some friends you just meet and it’s like an instant CONNECTION. You feel like they just “get” you straight away.

Everyone LOVES a friend like that because they feel so easy and natural, as though they are meant to be.


Other friendships take time to build.


Maybe you aren’t convinced straight away that you guys will ever be besties but over time, you discover that you have more in common than you first realized.

One type of friend isn’t necessarily better than the other.


It all depends on:


  1. How your friends treat you
  2. How you treat your friends and
  3. Whether you are growing together or further apart as time goes on.


Your kids need to know (if the event transpires) that even if you do everything right a broken friendship can still break your heart.

And that is a part of life.

Yep, it sucks but it paves the way for new friends to enter your life.


Part of making good friends is learning HOW TO BE A GOOD JUDGE OF CHARACTER


Here’s some information you can share with your child or teen:


In life, our friends influence us more than we care to admit. This is why it is so important that you learn to assess whether someone is a good person, who will help you achieve your best, or a bad apple to steer clear of.


To become a good judge of character, consider the following tips:


-Consider how the person talks about other people. Do they generally speak highly of others or are they dismissive and gossipy behind their back?


-Look at what they are motivated by. Are they competitive or inclusive of others? What are their goals?


-Take note of their reliability. Can you depend on them to do what they say they will do? Do they keep their promises?


-Consider their actions: are they doing something that is typical of a person of good character or poor character?


-Look at how they treat people who are below them, how they act in pressure situations or react when in the wrong as these three circumstances can be highly revealing.


-Let go of your assumptions about people and understand that sometimes you are going to judge someone completely wrong. If it’s the case, clean the slate and start again.


Please note:


This information is simply here to offer you some advice on how to be a good friend but the truth is FRIENDSHIPS TAKE TIME, EFFORT AND CONSISTENCY TO BUILD.

There is no magic formula and it does take trial and error to learn how to get it right. 

Sometimes friends will let you down and that’s life.

At those times, forgiveness is required but if you are consistently having to forgive your friends for letting you down then you need to reevaluate whether they are a good friend for you.

To help you work out whether your friend is a true friend or not check out these 150 quotes about fake friends and true friends. 

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