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If you are looking for how to deal with annoying kids then you have come to the right place!


Here you will find 50 tips to help keep your sanity intact while dealing with annoying children.



We have all been there before as parents and it’s not fun.

There are days when we love our kids more than life itself and then there are days when they are annoying even to us.

On those days, everything they say aggravates us.

Everything they DO aggravates us.

If it was possible you would press a pause button or even better, rewind and start again.

What can I say – these days are destined to happen as parents and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to make them go away.

But what we can do is learn how to cope with this “annoying kids” situation when it hits us.


Here are 50 things you can do to cope when your kids are being more annoying than:


-Going to the shops and realizing you have left your wallet at home

-Watching someone eat with their mouth both open and full or

-Finally getting to bed early and realizing you can’t sleep.


You get the drift…


So to help you preserve your sanity, here are 50 strategies you can implement today to help you deal with an annoying kid (whether they are your own children or someone else’s):


Please note: this list covers a variety of different strategies, some suitable only for older children. Please choose what is most appropriate for you, depending on the age of your child.  



1 -Do your best to ignore your kids when they are being annoying.

2 -Resist your temptation to react. Consider it to be a test of strength, maturity and patience.

3 -Smile and refuse to get pulled into this crappy situation.

4 -Protect your energy. Refuse to let other people’s actions determine your emotions. Remember you alone are in charge and control of that.

5 -If your kids are running late, let them be late and miss out.


6 -If they haven’t finished their homework, let them go to school and suffer the consequences.

7 -If they don’t like the food you cooked, get them to make their own meal.

8 -If you don’t like the clothes they are wearing, let them go in their pyjamas.

9 -If they are angry with someone, let them be angry and get over it in their own time.

10 -If they want something they can’t have, let them go without.


11 -If they are sulky, let them sulk.

12 -Sometimes kids learn about consequences better when there isn’t someone always there to save them.

13 -Purchase a pair of ear plugs and actually wear them to block out their whining.

14 -Even better, slip on some headphones and listen to your favorite music.

15 -Or distract yourself with an inspiring podcast that helps you get centred again.


16 -Drop your kids off to a friend or family members place to give yourself a break.

17 -Then go to the movies or pamper yourself.

18 -Or come back home and DO NOTHING.

19 -Another option is to take a long, hot bath.

20 -Or read a book.


21 -If you don’t have outside backup on hand, ask your partner to take over for you when it all gets too much.

22 -Request that your kids actually direct all requests and questions to your partner.

23 -Let them know you are having a “day off” (you don’t need to tell them it’s a mental health day off even though – wink wink – you and I both know that it is and that you deserve it.)

24 -Set an alarm for an earlier bedtime (yes BEDTIME) and put yourself to bed early for a change.

25 -Or sneak in a power nap during the day. Call it compulsory “rest-time”.


26 -Stick to your guns and don’t give in to annoying behavior. Giving in will only encourage more future annoying whining.

27 -Remove your child from a situation if it’s only encouraging or provoking their annoying behavior.

28 -Take deep breaths.

29 -Count to ten.

30 -Put yourself in time out until you feel calm and less aggravated.


31 -Go for a walk.

32 -Sing a happy song.

33 -Dance around.

34 -Change your scenery.

35 -Or change your children’s scenery.


36 -Distract your child with a more positive activity and steer them in a different direction.

37 -Send them outside to play.

38 -Give them a different job to do.

39 -Act happy even if you don’t FEEL happy. Sometimes the real deal feeling eventually sneaks its way in.

40 -Give your child a book to read or game to play to temporarily stop this annoying behavior in its tracks.


41 -Even better, put on a movie for them to watch. Lie down next to them, snuggle and have a sleep.

42 -Understand that no one likes your kid as much as you do. No-one. So if they are being painful to you, they are probably being painful to others. Try to guide their behavior into a more desirable direction.

43 -See things from the perspective of your child. Do they think they are being funny? Do they simply want your attention? Work out why they are behaving the way they are. What is driving their actions?

44 -Be compassionate. Maybe your kid doesn’t even realize how annoying they are (or if they do, they don’t realize just how negative the impact or repercussions are of this behavior). See if you can diplomatically share this information with them or role-play an alternative, preferred way of behaving.

45 -Keep things generally in perspective. What you think is SUPER annoying now – however annoying it may be – is something you might actually miss it in ten or twenty years’ time when your kids are long gone from your home.


46 -Don’t forget you are the adult and they are the child, who is still learning how to navigate their way through this world.

47 -Forgive and forget.

48 -Keep in mind that unconditional love means loving someone unconditionally – yep, even when they are being terribly annoying.

49 -Remember tomorrow is a new day and you can start again on a better note.

50 -Oh and more importantly keep this in mind – while things can always be better, they can also always, ALWAYS be worse. So count your blessings before it is too late.



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