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Do you have no motivation? Then you have come to the right place!

We have all been there before…hit a massive slump in our life which feels more like a torturous mountain that is impossible to climb.


It happens to the best of us – even those who are generally focused and motivated aka me. 

When you face this slump you can make one of two choices:

1.   You can let the slump get to you. You can let it bring you down. Sometimes it’s only for a day but in many instances the day slump turns into a week slump which then turns into a month slump and pretty soon your goals feel totally out of reach.

2.  Or you can choose to face the Slump Monster head on. I say, if there needs to be a battle, bring it on. You can a) choose to defeat it immediately and move on with your life or alternatively b) let it stick around for a while and allow it to wreak havoc with your motivation, hope and happiness before setting out to defeat it.


But what’s the point of that?


If you see something is wrong  in your life I believe you should TAKE ACTIVE STEPS TO FACE AND  FIX THE ISSUE (assuming it can be fixed, otherwise an alternative solution should be found). As they say – you are either part of the problem or part of the solution…

For the record there is no tried and true secret to getting over a slump but I find awareness of the problem and a desire to get over it helps.




To get to the heart of the matter, here are 10 great questions you can ask yourself whenever you are faced with a slump:

1. What are you focused on that is bringing you down?

2. What is making you feel so blah?

3. What are you are  avoiding doing *that you really need to do* ?

4. What isn’t working for you right now in your life?

5. How can you solve this problem?

6. What are you missing that you are passionate about?

7. What is your “why” and purpose in life?

8. What can you do to get back on track?

9. What is your next right move?

10. What do you need to do now?


Start with these questions and make sure you are honest with yourself for as they say: only the truth will set you free…



Maybe it’s time to do something different…


Life Is An Experiment



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