my bucket list

my bucket list




If you are looking for ideas on what I have ticked off my bucket list and what you may have ticked off yours, you have come to the right place!



In life we are often encouraged to write a bucket list – a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.


But have you ever stopped to think about all the amazing things you have already achieved in your life?

What dreams have you already ticked off that list?

What are the wonderful memories you have created during all your days gracing this beautiful planet so far?



This exercise is about acknowledging and respecting your achievements so far and taking the time to pay tribute to these accomplishments.



I myself originally aimed to list 100 items I had ticked off my own bucket list but I got stuck after 30. Seriously I had a total mind blank!

But hey, I didn’t give up – I persisted and ended up with a list 160 great memories ticked off my bucket list!  You can check out my list below.

Now I should point out that once upon a time, all these tasks seemed like far-off crazy dreams that I couldn’t actually imagine doing. But then I did it and what can I say? It felt fantastic re-embracing these old memories!


Please note this isn’t an easy exercise to complete.


When I started this exercise I was literally stumped after listing only 30 items.

I mean, what in the world had I actually done or achieved over the last few decades that was so special and amazing?

But I encourage you to persist because I promise you – the memories will eventually come to you.

Whether you realize it or not, you have most likely done some fantastic things in the past that have completely slipped your mind.

(For example I had completely forgotten about abseiling down a cliff-face at school camp in primary school and signing my name under Juliet’s balcony in Verona until I started doing this exercise – honestly it was as if these experiences were totally wiped from my mind!)


So grab a pen and get to work. If anything, you will end up with a fantastic record and list of your life achievements to date – both big and small.


Finally, feel free to share this list with your family.

Remember seeing you achieving your dreams and crossing goals off your bucket list will inspire your children to do the same.

It will inspire others to dream big and get to work too.




1-Ridden a camel

2-Swum with turtles

3-Wrapped a snake around my neck

4-Ridden in a gondola in Venice

5-Visited the Palace of Versailles


6-Started my own business

7-Attained a college degree

8-Married my soulmate

9-Had two gorgeous kids

10-Made a wish on a shooting star


11-Sung on a stage

12-Competed in a 5 km race

13-Volunteered my time for those in need

14-Published numerous books

15-Started a successful website


16-Lived overseas

17-Spent a night in Monte Carlo

18-Strolled down Champs Elysees

19-Visited Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris

20-Gone skydiving



22-Slept under the stars

23-Purchased an investment property

24-Paid off our mortgage

25-Danced on tabletops


26-Mastered my fear of public speaking

27-Gone on a cruise

28-Sailed a boat

29-Made lifelong friends

30-Climbed a mountain


31-Drawn up my family tree

32-Mastered another language

33-Seen my favorite bands in concert

34-Gone abseiling

35-Been on TV


36-Snapped a photo of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

37-Gotten a Tattoo

38-Owned a Dog

39-Had a snowball fight

40-Become a life coach



41-Acted in a play

42-Taken a yoga course

43-Completed a nutritional therapy course

44-Gone rock-climbing

45-Stayed in Tuscany


46-Graduated with a diploma in Journalism

47-Painted a portrait

48-Seen the Eiffel Tower glitter at night

49-Watched the sun rise and fall

50-Explored a cave


51-Swum at Cannes

52-Ridden in a London taxi

53-Discovered the beauty of Vanuatu and New Caledonia

54-Hung out in a Fijian village

55-Gone horseback-riding


56-Slept in a teepee

57-Built a campfire

58-Sat in the cockpit of a plane

59-Eaten Asian street food

60-Stayed out until dawn


61-Enjoyed a live musical

62-Had a pen-pal

63-Made a fancy cake

64-Become a teacher

65-Created a course


66-Written poetry

67-Caught and ate fresh sea urchins

68-Published an article in a magazine and newspaper

69-Spend a day in my pajamas

70-Had a viral post


71-Climbed a tree

72-Ridden a motorcycle

73-Gotten my boat license

74-Studied philosophy

75-Eaten frog’s legs


76-Built an email list of over 2000 subscribers

77-Stopped caring what other people think

78-Mastered roller-skating

79-Enjoyed karaoke

80-Visited the Vatican City


81-Explored a forest

82-Completed Random Acts of Kindness

83-Given to the homeless

84-Gone fishing

85-Developed a backbone


86-Opened my home to people in need

87-Gone camping without power

88-Trusted and acted on my intuition

89-Won a writing contest

90-Crawled through a manmade wombat’s hole underground


91-Visited the Great Barrier Reef

92-Created passive income

93-Read more than 1000 books

94-Gone snorkeling

95-Swum in a waterfall


96-Caught a wave surfing

97-Ridden a zip line ride

98-Escaped an escape room

99-Competed in a frog jumping contest

100-Milked a cow


101-Witnessed a solar eclipse

102-Attended a high school reunion

103-Been a bridesmaid

104-Met someone famous

105-Received a fan letter


106-Visited my childhood home

107-Videotaped memories of my grandparents

108-Knitted a scarf

109-Made origami

110-Attended a foam party


111-Attended a masquerade ball

112-Danced at a music festival

113-Been on a radio show

114-Gone to a book signing

115-Watched a movie at the drive-in theater

116-Built a house of cards

117-Played bingo in a bingo hall

118-Ridden on a Ferris wheel

119-Seen a 3D movie

120-Had front row seats to an event


121-Done a juice cleanse

122-Had my fortune told

123-Had my palm read

124-Played the stock market

125-Stayed in a 5-star resort


126-Toured wineries for a day

127-Baked a loaf of bread

128-Eaten caviar

129-Made fondue

130-Picked olives off a tree


131-Stomped on grapes to make wine

132-Participated in a food fight

133-Eaten eel

134-Built a sand castle

135-Gone canoeing


136-Picked a lock

137-Flown a kite


139-Ridden a unicycle

140-Made gnocchi from scratch


141-Signed my name under Juliet’s balcony in Verona

142-Ridden in a limousine

143-Swung up high in a cable car

144-Visited Amman Jordan

145-Attended a film festival


146-Held a starfish

147-Admired Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel

148-Swum in the Adriatic Sea

149-Done archery

150-Gotten swept out to sea


151-Jumped off a cliff

152-Gone ice-skating


154-Spent my birthday in a foreign country

155-Driven a quad bike


156-Had a bonfire at the beach

157-Made a KIVA loan

158-Joined a book-club

159-Eaten gelato in Italy

160-Finally, also eaten a snail (escargot) in France



Now it’s your turn. What items have YOU ticked off your own bucket list?

I would love to know!

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