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Want to know how to traumatize your child? Then read ahead (and do everything opposite if you DON’T want to traumatize your kids!)

As parents we are so focused on doing things right that we often forget that the recipe to parenting well is super simple. We never think that there could be 50 different ways to mess up your kids.


To get things right you need to identify the acts that only serve to mess up your kids and eliminate these actions from your everyday life.


I have identified 50 acts that are doing your kids more harm than good.

If you want to raise confident and happy kids then you need to immediately eliminate the following 50 acts from your parenting repertoire.

Why? Because these acts do more harm than good.

Check out the following list today and do what you can to make sure you are not guilty of these negative behaviors.


Checklist Of 50 Things You Need To Stop Doing Now


1. Forgetting to set rules and boundaries
2. Setting rules and boundaries and then totally disregarding them
3. Allowing your child to yell or scream at you
4. Allowing your child to treat others with disrespect
5. Telling your children you don’t love them if they don’t “fill in the blank.”
6. Withdrawing your love or affection if you don’t get your own way
7. Lying to your child
8. Ignoring your own bad behaviour and instead focusing solely on theirs
9. Giving your child more freedom than is age-appropriate
10. Being too strict and stifling your child’s growth



11. Assuming that what worked for you or another child will work for every child
12. Failing to give your child any responsibility
13. Failing to teach your child the necessary life skills
14. Punishing your child in an extreme manner when kindness and guidance would have worked better
15. Chastising your child for an honest mistake
16. Aiming to be more of a friend than a parent
17. Commenting negatively on the child’s appearance
18. Thinking you are solely responsible for your child’s happiness
19. Robbing your child of the opportunity to problem solve issues themselves
20. Assuming there is only one way or the highway


How Not To Spoil Your Kids


21. Speaking badly about the other parent
22. Comparing the child to their siblings or other children
23. Giving in to tantrums
24. Staying together in a unhappy marriage for the sake of the children
25. Crushing your child’s dreams instead of encouraging your child to be a dream-chaser
26. Refusing to believe that your child can do wrong
27. Failing to be an advocate for your child when they need you in their corner
28. Passing your own fears onto your child
29. Failing to give your child any privacy
30. Training your child to be a doormat everyone walks over



31. Constantly criticizing your child for their efforts or lack of effort
32. Making your child feel like they are never good enough
33. Forcing your beliefs onto your child
34. Preventing your child from seeing their family
35. Raising a conformist instead of an individual
36. Failing to warn your child about the dangers of strangers
37. Failing to warm your child about the dangers of drugs
38. Letting your child watch age-inappropriate videos (R or MA rated when they aren’t emotionally ready for it)
39. Not monitoring their use of devices
40. Giving your child everything they want without earning the right to the privilege or item first



41. Refusing to encourage and reward creativity
42. Acting like a mistake is the end of the world
43. Praising your child unnecessarily when it isn’t called for
44. Refusing to offer help or support when your child truly needs additional help
45. Teaching your child to be racist/sexist/homophobic
46. Failing to teach your child the importance of good food and how to achieve good health
47. Talking the talk without walking the walk
48. Giving your child the impression that money grows on trees
49. Allowing your child to think its normal to exclude others
50. Failing to understand the pivotal role you play in your child’s life. You have the power to steer your child down the right path. Give your child the right tools, love, support, understanding and acceptance that they need to thrive in life.






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