Signs Of Death – One Day You Are Going To Die

one day you will die




No-one in this world wants to face the signs of death


It’s a scary truth that none of us like to look it in the eye but one we can’t avoid forever. Here it is for you again:



Too many of us spend our days as if we have a million more up our sleeve. We stay in jobs we hate because we think we can find another one when we are motivated enough to make the change.

We hold onto grudges and keep the fire of feuds alight because we think we have time to make amends.

Or maybe we think making amends isn’t even that important anymore. We are rude and short with loved ones because we think we can always say sorry tomorrow.

We think we have time. And that’s the problem. We think we have time.


Then one day the realization hits you. You won’t live forever.


Maybe this lightbulb moment sparks up when you are a little older and you start seeing your favourite grownups from your childhood being put to rest.

You attend their funerals with a heavy heart and witness their weeping family and friends with a feeling of sinking dread.

And that’s when you realize it: this picture is in your future. One day, someday, you too will die.

All those things you dreamed about…the wonderful job, the bucket list filled with unfulfilled adventures, the chance to reconcile and resolve past grievances?

Here’s the deal…those things are never going to happen, UNLESS YOU TAKE THE EFFORT TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN.


Whether you like it or not right now your days are numbered.


You don’t even know what that number is…you may live a hundred or two thousand more days, or if you are really unlucky your D-Day could arrive tomorrow, in the next hour or minute.

Think this can’t possibly be true? Then think again. Stranger things have happened.

Today there will be at least a dozen people who rush out the door in a daze, forget to properly say goodbye or kiss their children before they leave, only to meet their fate with a drunk driver or careless motorist, freak accident or fatal medical emergency.


One day you will die. This is a fact. No-one, absolutely no-one in this world, lives forever.


Not all the money in the world can buy you immortality because you are a human with blood running through your delicate veins.

As strong as your body seems it is also fragile. Life is fragile and time is precious. Everything can end in a single moment.

The lightbulb moment is meant to make you treasure the gift of life.  Be grateful and appreciate even the simple things in life.

Like a sunset, a smile or hug from a child. You will miss all these things when your life comes to an end. Take the time to enjoy it and truly live now.



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