Confession time:


Way before I was ever a mommy or blogger, I was a novelist.

How’s that for an exciting career?


Here you will find my fiction books (which mainly fall under the chick-lit genre) but there’s even one for younger teens.

Personally ENCHANTED ISLAND is my all-time favorite book.

I LOVE that my children, in addition to many others, have embraced it.

So if you need to just put your feet up and relax, now’s the time.

There is nothing better than indulging in the opportunity to lose yourself completely in a good story.


Simply click on the cover to learn more about each book.



Frances Vidakovic        Chick-Lit Book

Mansnatchers            Womens Fiction Novel


Here is my book for middle-school-aged kids and teens and an additional memoir I have written based on my experiences living overseas.


Enchanted Island          Life In Croatia