Boost Your Blog Traffic


50 Strategic Steps To Increase Traffic To Your Blog And Make It A Success




If you are looking for a simple yet comprehensive guide on how to boost your blog traffic book, you have come to the right place.



Please note: this is not a book or course like all the others.



How do I know this is true? From firsthand experience! Over the last year I have personally completed more than an AU$1000 dollars’ worth of courses reeducating myself on all aspects of blogging.

As an author of 18 books and part-time marketing/social media manager for more than five years, I was determined to crack the secret code of how to increase a blog’s web traffic.

I don’t want you to have to go through what I went through. I have invested so much money on courses that promised me the stars and didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know.


I have spent hundreds of hours reading and researching what felt like a million ideas before finally narrowing down 50 strategic steps to increase your blog traffic and make it a success.


This book isn’t a flimsy 15 page leaflet filled with half-hearted ideas only suitable for beginners. (Can you guess I’ve been stung many times in the past paying excessive prices for little “courses” like that?)

To the contrary, this book is over 200 pages in length and filled with constructive, purposeful actions steps you can implement in your business today.

Away from my own blog I work as a marketing expert and this book has strategies that can be utilized at both the intermediate and advanced level. I use these tips on a daily basis to take my client’s blogs and businesses to the next level.


This course is perfect for anyone who:


  • Literally spends hours trying to get people to notice their website yet feels like their efforts are all in vain.


  •  Wants to not just double but triple and quadruple their traffic because the sky is the limit when it comes to their ambitions.


Here’s the truth:


As much as being a blogger is great, the real joy and feeling of success comes from having traffic visit your website. To succeed is to have an audience, who care about you and your products and services.

For over 15 years I have worked as a life coach, helping clients reach lofty goals and it’s my desire to help you achieve as much success in your blogging business. Nothing would bring me more satisfaction or joy.








WOW! That is the word that kept screaming through my brain as I read 50 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic.

When I read books that are intended to provoke a specific action or plan, I like to read them once through and then go back to the most pertinent parts and begin the implementation process. With this book, I found myself getting more and more excited and inspired with each TIP I read, starting with the very first one and building until the final word.

The sheer volume of essential, relevant information and its clear, concise delivery makes it a no-brainer purchase if you are in need of more blog traffic. And who isn’t?

I cannot wait to begin using the priceless strategies this book so painstakingly lays out. Boost Your Traffic not only gives suggestions for the best ways to get more traffic to your site, but the author manages to go into just enough detail to make it seem doable instead of daunting. While it is crammed with a crazy amount of information, she delivers it in such a way that makes the often overwhelming sea of information inherent in the online marketing process seem absolutely achievable.

It’s apparent that Frances not only talks the talk, but she walks it and offers to hold your hand while you walk it too! I have wasted years floundering in a sea of confusion as to what I should do to fix my traffic issue, and in one fell swoop Boost Your Traffic provides the answers!

Thanks, Frances Vidakovic, for sharing your hard-earned wit and wisdom so that your readers can reap the rewards in record time, minus the mistakes and waste of valuable time and money that often accompanies going it alone.

Boost Your Traffic is the perfect map for navigating the convoluted and confusing sea of online marketing information, giving me the confidence to try the methods that once scared me. It’s like having a partner who knows the ropes, holding your hand and guiding you through each process should you choose to utilize that particular tip. So glad I found it!

I am beyond stoked! I am INSPIRED! If you want to grow your blog traffic and are ready to roll up your sleeves and work for it, Boost Your Blog Traffic Today is the perfect roadmap that will steer you to success.



-Linda Burke of The Now What? Fitness Series – and