How To Get Over A Cell Phone Addiction and Put Your Phone Away

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It’s hard for the younger generation to fathom that once upon a time free Wi-Fi wasn’t a given and there was a world where humans weren’t attached to their phones.

Back then, when we had a homework assignment to do, we didn’t have Google to give us the answers. We had to physically go to the library and pray there was a book left behind on the shelves that would help us with our assignment.

If someone went on a holiday, we weren’t given daily updates on their trip. To the contrary, out of sight was out of mind and any reminiscing about our friend’s adventures was delayed until their return. We saw pics only after they had the time to put in their film for developing and collect their photos from the photo shop.

If someone had a party and we weren’t invited to it, we didn’t suffer from FOMO because we often knew nothing about it. If we wanted to connect with an old friend, we had to pick up the phone and make that call.

Years would sometimes pass before we caught up with childhood or high school friends and in the interim we lived our own lives, only casually stopping to think “where are they now?”


Nowadays it’s different.


Our phones and computers give us the opportunity to connect instantly with old and new friends. If we have a question, the answer is at our fingertips, seconds within reach.

But somewhere along the path, our phones have become more than just a way of staying in touch with others or an invaluable resource linking us to both vital and unimportant knowledge.

They have instead become a distraction, an addiction and a tool that prevents us from achieving our true potential.

Though technology keeps us connected to others, it also hinders our ability to stay connected with what truly matters – right now, with others, in the here and now.


When you come home, how much of your time is spent looking at your phone instead of the eyes of your loved ones?


How many hours do you waste on social media, appreciating what others are doing in their life when that same precious time could be used to create your own fantastic experiences?

I challenge you to put away your phone – not forever but at times when it is unnecessary to have it glued to your side.

If you have guests or family or friends in your company, talk to them. If you are on holidays, look around and relish the scenery. Drink and savor every drop from the cup called Life.

If you have a moment of peace, resist the urge to fill every second with unproductive, senseless electronic activity. Take the time to get to know YOU and your family better.


Take the time to work on your goals – that is ultimately more important than anything you will find on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.


It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing right now – honestly it doesn’t! (And don’t wait until you are laying on your deathbed to find this out).

All that truly matters is what you are doing with your own life. And if it’s something wonderful and you feel the urge to share that experience on social media (which is fine) just know that experience isn’t better or validated by the number of likes you get for your post.

Are you having fun? Are you enjoying yourself and feeling content in your life? Then fabulous! Once upon a time, that feeling of inner peace and joy was enough to make us feel complete.

If you aren’t doing great, look at what you can do to make things better. I can tell you one thing though – the answer isn’t on your Facebook newsfeed.

Back when I was young, our lives were simpler and less complicated because we didn’t waste any time scrolling through hundreds of posed, filtered selfies of strangers and friends. We didn’t find ourselves falling prey to some stupid comparison game.

Remember this: the illusion will always seem grander and more intriguing than real life. It seeks to make our own lives, however great, seem less exciting in comparison.


Take the challenge today. Test it out. Spend less time on your phone and see if it has any positive impact on your life.


If you usually spend one hour each day browsing through social media, set a timer and see if you can decrease this amount to only half an hour a day.

Or maybe even nominate a social-media-free day each week. Or decide to put your phone to rest early every night at 6pm.  Rest as in switch it off and put it away, out of sight.

For the record, just to put your mind at ease, your world won’t fall apart if you turn off your phone. The previous generations survived just fine without one. In fact the human race managed to live without technology for many thousands of years.

By the way, do you even KNOW how much time you spend glued to your phone?

If you own an iPhone this information can easily be found under SETTINGS > BATTERY > THEN under Battery Usage > click on the clock for an exact breakdown of the hours spent on each app.

I confess…I sometimes spend more time on my phone than I would like to but the moment I do disconnect and put it away I feel totally free.


If you are like me, you will feel liberated by this conscious detachment from things that don’t really matter.


You will feel more alive than ever. You will finally embrace the right headspace and find the time to really focus and think.

Alternatively you may feel weird or even disconnected from the world when you first try to wean yourself off your phone. But that’s okay. New changes take time to adjust to.

When you finally stop wasting time on your phone or social media,  I encourage you to use this new free time to focus on YOU: your goals, your happiness, your life and your future.

Come up with a strategic game-plan and make a conscious effort to nurture yourself too.

Deep down you already know the truth…that in the grand scheme of things, all that really matters is inside of you (your heart, your hopes and your dreams). And in the outside world too, in the form of your family and friends and a real life waiting to be lived.


Learn not to worry so much what everyone else is doing. It’s all an illusion – a fake, twisted sense of reality.


In this instance the truth will set you free and the real truth is this (please take note as it may potentially save you ALOT of grief/ stress/ anxiety/ guilt over the course of your lifetime):

There is no real joy lasting joy to be found inside that tiny rectangle mass of metal, glass and plastic so many of us hold in our hands.

Maybe temporary joy, but nothing like the real lasting joy that comes from living life fully, passionately and with all of your heart.

So go out and live your amazing life and leave that time-wasting phone behind.




Maybe it’s time to do something different…


Life Is An Experiment



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