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If you are looking for some advice on Pinterest Strategies then you have come to the right place.


Here is an alternative and insightful look at my experience with both manual pinning and automated pinning with Tailwind. It might help if I start by sharing with you a cute (and very true) story that only another blogger would understand:


Last week I broke up with MP.

Up until then we had a fantastic, tumultuous relationship after our chance meeting two months ago.

It was love at first sight.

Our love grew quickly over time when MP rewarded me in ways I hadn’t been rewarded for so long.

And then the relationship went sour.

I admit it, it was my fault.

I got slightly bored.


I didn’t have the time or energy for MP like I did in the beginning.

The impact was beginning to show in our relationship.

MP wasn’t performing for me anymore.

I began to resent MP and started thinking way more about my old love, TW.

I imagined what it would be like to be with TW again.


And then it came – the day MP and I officially break up.

It was fabulous! I finally felt alive and free again.

Of course I went straight back into TW’s arms without a second thought.

And so far, I have never been happier.

The End


So in case you haven’t guessed it as yet my two main loves featured in this story are Manual Pinning (MP) and Tailwind (TW).


I signed up for the Tailwind annual premium plan at the beginning of my blogging journey almost six months ago and the results were immediate. 

The moment I started automating my pinning my website traffic (in terms of pageviews) started to almost double, month after month.

Everything was going so well until the new boy in town – Mr. Manual Pinning, wink, wink! – caught my attention.

Ah yes, I was a little late to the party my friends, but the moment I got wind of manually pinning after reading Carly’s book, I thought “hey, why not? Let’s give this a go!

So I temporarily stopped automating my pinning to give manual pinning a go (no problem whatsoever as I had signed up to the annual plan) and WOW OH WOW!


As mentioned in the story above it was indeed love at first sight for me.


I solely credit manually pinning for propelling my pageviews from 16K in February to 38K in March and then again 65K in April.

It was honestly the best two months. My traffic growth was both rapid and AH-MAZING.

But here’s the thing no one tells you. Even though manually pinning isn’t “technically” that hard to do – all you need to do is pin some pins manually, right? – well it started to drive me crazy.

Like no joke, pinning soon became a serious obsession in my life.


I felt like I had to pin whenever the phone was in my hand.


And if I couldn’t pin for whatever reason due to various circumstances (all day work meetings, kiddie sports, family and friends get-togethers, birthday parties, funerals…you name it) then my pageview statistics suffered as a consequence.

That seriously sucked.

If I was consistent, then hooray! Pinterest loved and handsomely rewarded my dedication.


But if I didn’t pay manually pinning enough attention, well I was seriously punished for it.


After a while, this daily, non-negotiable commitment started to get on my nerves because Mr MP was SO DEMANDING!

You see, when it was good, it was good and when it was bad, it was bad.

And eventually it started to impact my productivity too.

I felt like couldn’t have another life away from blogging, which sort of defeated the purpose because blogging used to feel like the most amazing escape but this pressure to manually pin felt more like shackles keeping me tied down.


So I started thinking about Tailwind again.


People warned me that my traffic might drop if I stopped manually pinning but I was willing to take the risk.

Eventually I would need to take the leap anyway, as we were planning a seven-week holiday the following month.

Whether I liked the idea of not, Tailwind and I would soon be best friends again.




At the beginning of the month (May 2018), when my manual pinning mojo was at this peak I was averaging 2,000 to 3,500 pageviews per day and was destined to crack a new record of 80,000 pageviews after only six months of blogging.

And then that mojo sort of died.

It was Mother’s Day weekend and after working so hard lately, I thought I deserved a little break. I thought I could get away with a weekend off manual pinning.


Wow what a mistake.


I have since learned that if your website is NOT well-established (an established website is one which has had 100,000 pageviews for a few consecutive months) then YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO JUST RANDOMLY STOP MANUALLY PINNING FOR A FEW DAYS.

I feel like this was a warning sign that I had missed and which in the future needs to be ENLARGED for all Pinterest newbies (preferably also flashing in neon lights.)


Consider this to be your warning now if you are a new or old manual pinner.


The moment I stopped (or got slack with) my manual pinning strategy my traffic instantly dropped. On Friday May 11 my website had 2428 pageviews (nice and pretty typical numbers).

Then the weekend arrived and I decided to live a life without the phone glued to my hand and my pageviews dropped to 1769 on Saturday and 1682 on Sunday (what a Mother’s Day present – NOT!)

No matter how hard I pinned that week I couldn’t recover from my lapse in judgement (how cocky of me to think I could have the weekend off manual pinning!)


Tailwind was looking more and more attractive so I did what I hadn’t done in two months.


On Friday May 18th I opened up my account and began to strategically load some pins into the queue (thirty different pins circulated out to my various group boards, with an interval of one day between each.)

For the record my last official day of solely manually pinning brought me 1913 pageviews – still a lot lower than the numbers I had grown to expect.




I crossed my fingers, expected the worst and hoped for the best.

I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to expect but I was shocked to see the new upsurgeance in traffic.




May 19 – 2748 pageviews

May 20 – 2749 pageviews

May 21 – 2714 pageviews 

May 22 – 4606 pageviews (wow oh wow)

May 23 – 4649 pageviews

May 24 –  3240 pageviews and still counting!


This just goes to show that Tailwind can indeed revive falling numbers and get traffic up again and that you don’t need to depend on manual pinning to get traffic to your website, despite people telling you this is the ideal to go. From my experience Tailwind can do the same job as manual pinning but it’s so much easier.

Like literally having and embracing this option of automated pinning again has changed my life.




Once upon a time I thought that manually pinning was the bee’s knees when it came to generating traffic via Pinterest. And hey I’m sure it works amazingly for those who are committed to doing it every day.

But this post isn’t for the perfect manual pinners.

It’s for the lazy ones.

The ones who have a demanding, variable schedule.

The ones who sometimes forget to do stuff they are supposed to do.

The ones who like to have the occasional break from blogging.

Most importantly, it’s for the ones who need a backup.


I have now used both Tailwind and Manually Pinning separately to great success.


I can honestly rave about the merits of both.

I’m thinking it’s potentially time to introduce them to each other because I can see how together they could be a great combination.

So that is my new plan – to automate my own pins in Tailwind while manually pinning third party pins, if and when I feel like it (and if I don’t feel like it for the day – no worries, I’ll just skip it).


Either way I wanted to share with you this reality that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Pinterest.


Sometimes one thing works for another person yet it doesn’t work for you.

One day you can love something and the next day it sucks.

Be prepared to move with the tide and make changes along the way when necessary.


Remember the rules: Be flexible. Be open to change.


When it comes to blog traffic, yes it can sometimes be a bumpy ride but the trip is ultimately worth it in the end if you hold on tight and don’t let go.



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