The Secret By Rhonda Byrne – Here’s How The Secret Changed My Life

the secret by rhonda byrne


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Back in 2006, Rhonda Byrne released The Secret, a film and book which soon became a worldwide self-help phenomenon.

In a nutshell, The Secret was based on the law of attraction and claimed that positive thinking can create life-changing results.

The book revealed to the world the amazing power we all hold to transform our lives and how everything we are experiencing right now is simply a reflection of our past thoughts.

According to Byrne, the mind is a magnet which emits and receives frequencies from the Universe.


Therefore it can bring you anything you desire when you “ask, truly believe and receive”.


As a self-help enthusiast, the book immediately caught my attention because if there was a secret to success, I wanted to know it! I, along with millions of other intrigued individuals, watched the film, read the book and loved hearing the theory behind The Secret explained again in detail on the Oprah Show.

Only problem was at this time of the launch I was pregnant with my second child so any good intentions I had to put The Secret into practice got lost in a sea of sleepless nights, newborn feedings and toddler demands. 

I placed the book onto my special bookshelf, along with all my other must-read-again-someday favorites, promised I would pick it up again when I had time and promptly forgot about it.

For ten years.


I forgot about this incredible book for ten whole years.


Fast forward ahead a decade, to last month when I went away on a 10-day cruise with my family to the Pacific Islands.

Even though I am a writer who LOVES to read, for some reason I haven’t had much time lately to indulge in my favorite past-time.

So during the cruise this is what I did. I read book after book on my iPad until I was finally finished with my fiction list.

Then still thirsty for more books I looked to see what else I had and discovered The Secret patiently waiting there for me on my digital bookshelf.


I read the book in one day and it totally blew my mind away.


How had I not put any of these ideas into practice over the last ten years?

The information within this book was golden, so valuable and I had ignored it for a decade?

While reading it, I began to explain to my two children the principles behind The Secret, and their interest was piqued.


They could manifest things? With their mind?


Of course I set out to test this theory immediately so I told my kids I visualized myself meeting the celebrity stand-up comedian on the cruise (who also happened to be one of my favorite comics).

Lo and behold within five minutes of announcing my goal to my children I exited the cabin and had a chance meeting with the guy.

(True story and for the record my husband was instantly a skeptic. He stated “well he is on the same cruise.” To that comment, I pointed out it was a large ship with over 2000 people. Coincidentally  never again did any of us cross paths with the comedian.)


Needless to say my kids were impressed.


I had stated a crazy goal and manifested it almost immediately.

This sounded pretty special to them.

My daughter Savannah, who was 12 at the time, wanted in on The Secret straight away.

She said she had her own goal which she started visualizing right away yet she wouldn’t tell me what it was. Instead she guarded it like the Crown Jewels because she apparently didn’t want to “jinx it” by telling anyone.

The next day we visited another beautiful Pacific Island where Savannah and I decided to go snorkeling outside our comfort zone, around a giant “sacred rock”.


All was well until Savannah suddenly started screaming, not from what I initially thought was fear but with excitement. “Oh my gosh, it came true. It really came true!


The day before she had apparently visualized swimming with a turtle and it quite literally appeared out of nowhere below her and came up and out of the water right in front of her.

She was stumped by this event and it really solidified her belief in the art of manifestation.

(Note: my husband – now known as Mr. Dreamkiller – of course had to point out that we were on a tropical island so swimming with a turtle wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

But as I noted to him, no one else saw any turtles that day while snorkeling.

There was only one and it happened to surface right below Savannah.

If turtles were so easy to find, he was welcome to go find another one. Surprise, surprise, he couldn’t find any.)


We returned to Sydney soon after that and on the night of our return I pulled out the old DVD of The Secret and watched it with my kids.


I have to say, they don’t particularly love watching random documentaries but they were spellbound by this one.

As soon as the film was over, Savannah pulled out her phone and typed something down in her Notes app.


She decided this time she was going to set an even more obscure goal to manifest, like the red thimble mentioned in the book.


She didn’t tell me what it was but the next day she called me super excited and announced she had amazingly already found “the green needle”.

Green needle?

I had no idea what she meant by that but when she came home she explained exactly what had transpired.

With a green needle in one hand – yes such a thing does exist – she showed me her typed out note which stated “all my dreams will come true if I find a green needle.

I didn’t even know that green needles existed before then but there it was, laying in the palm of her hand – a bizarre, potentially impossible-to-find silver needle with a neat green ball attached to its top.

She said she had found it randomly lying on the ground in her classroom.


Savannah soon spread the word about The Secret to her friends and the results were amazing.


Kids went out on the soccer field and scored goals they didn’t usually score.

A friend visualized owning an iPhone 6 (whose mother quite blatantly stated they weren’t in a position to buy her one) and the next day her uncle dropped in with a spare iPhone 6, wondering whether his niece wanted it.

These kids, more than adults, seemed to embrace the idea that anything was possible and they eagerly visualized great things coming to them.

More importantly they believed great things eventually would.


Even though there’s a good chance I may forget to keep the Secret principles in the forefront of my mind, I thought I would summarize here the most important points.


Consider it a reference for anyone wishing to know more and a reminder for me.

I also encourage you to introduce the importance of positive thinking of your children because there is something special about instilling in them the belief that they are the masters of their destiny and the importance of gratitude too.

Here goes…


20 Most Important Points of The Secret:


1 You can change your emotions immediately, even if they are negative, by thinking of something joyful, singing a song or remembering a happy past experience.

2 Life can and WILL be phenomenal when you consciously apply the LAW OF ATTRACTION. The universe will always arrange itself accordingly.

3 You don’t need to know HOW the universe is going to rearrange itself. But you don’t need to waste even a second worrying about the HOW. Your job is just to generate the positive feelings of having it NOW. The HOW will show up as a result of your commitment and belief in the WHAT.

4 When you provide the feelings of having it now, the universe will respond. The universe always knows the quickest, fastest, most harmonious way between you and your dream.

5 Remember these two quotes: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve.” W. Clement Stone and Buddha: “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.

6 What we think about and THANK is what we bring about. Gratitude will bring more into your life immediately. Be thankful. Bless everything and others.

7 Feel the joy and feel the happiness. Be exhilarated by the process and stay in tune with the world. For The Secret to work, FEELING HAPPY is the most important thing.

8 Don’t worry if you have the occasional negative thought. Put it to the side. An affirmative thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one so just think of a positive thought instead.

9 Create a vision board – pictures of everything you want to attract. Look at it every day to get into the feeling or state of having acquired it already.

10 Decide what you want, believe you can have it, believe you deserve it and believe it is possible for you.


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11 Visualize having it already and REALLY FEEL IT. Visualize, visualize, visualize!

12 Think about how you want your day to go THE NIGHT BEFORE. Run it through your mind. If something doesn’t go the way you wished it would, replay the event in your mind at night with an alternative, more positive outcome.

13 When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it. Always trust your intuition.

14 Inner joy and peace = outside joy and peace. The alternative is also true. If you constantly focus on the negative stuff and think about negative stuff you will consequently attract more negativity into your life.

15 YOU are the only one who can create your reality.

16 Learn to be still, take your attention away from the things you don’t want and focus your attention on what you wish to experience.

17 There is more than enough love, joy, money, ideas and happiness to go around. Don’t feel jealous or threatened by others. Stay positive and focused. If you think of happy thoughts YOU WILL FEEL HAPPY!

18 Note your secret shifters. These are things, memories and activities that immediately make you feel happy. Write down your list and embrace them when you need to.

19 Don’t forgot to listen to the audiobook regularly or refer to the book often so that you don’t forget these principles. Life will get in the way of your success if you allow it to.

20 Most importantly, act AS IF all your goals have already been achieved. TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE – DON’T DOUBT IT! Own it, live it, love it!


Now it’s your turn to embrace The Secret. Best of luck! I would love to hear your experiences too if you feel like sharing them. You can click the book cover to buy it from Amazon.


the secret rhonda byrne





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