stupid simple SEO course honest review

stupid simple SEO course review

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If you are looking for an honest STUPID SIMPLE SEO COURSE REVIEW then you have come to the right place!


Since beginning my blogging journey in December 2017, I have taken dozens and dozens of courses (I am a confessed course junkie) but I only ever write reviews on the BEST of the best – the super special courses which have catapulted me closer towards blogging success.

One such course is >> STUPID SIMPLE SEO << which was an impromptu purchase for me whilst overseas (after I swore I wouldn’t BUY ANYMORE COURSES!)  

After all, I still had plenty of courses sitting untouched on my computer at home that I really should have considered finishing first. I didn’t think I needed any more.

But something sparked in me when I saw STUPID SIMPLE SEO creator Mike Pearson had released his new course.

I had seen his name around and I intuitively knew that whatever course he created would be EXCEPTIONAL.


And boy was I right!


First let me say something important.

Not all courses you see advertised are great.

There’s often a false hype attached to the sales copy, promising something new or different, when in reality it is just same-same, blah-blah material and you regret buying it soon after you get sucked in.


Yet as soon as I started Mike Pearson’s STUPID SIMPLE SEO course I knew I had struck gold.




stupid simple seo ecourse review


– Understanding searcher intent

– Understanding user satisfaction

– Making sure your blog and content are relevant

– How to rank even if your site is very broad

– Making your navigation and categories Google-friendly

– How to create an optimal homepage design



– Why competitor research beats traditional keyword research

– How to find your competitors’ top pages and keywords

– How to analyse keyword data and develop a content strategy

– How to determine keyword competitiveness

– How to create epic content that ranks

– How to research and outline your content



– How to find long tail and related keywords

– How to set up your on-page SEO

– How to identify user intent in the sales funnel

– How to find affiliate keywords

– Understanding your competitors backlinks

– How to spy on your competitors backlinks


– How to find guest posting opportunities

– How to create your linkable asset

– How to find and filter resource page prospects

– How to do resource page outreach

– How to track your SEO Progress




– Customizable Email Outreach Templates

– Free Downloads and Checklists

– Private Facebook Group Support (and yep, he’s always around to answer our questions).


stupid simple seo course review


Let me be clear 


I have read plenty of material and taken numerous courses on SEO in the past but not one was as simple yet comprehensive + immediately actionable as this STUPID SIMPLE SEO course.  

The name of the course was actually spot on but more importantly it delivered high-end, valuable content in a simple way – NOT basic, you-can-find-this-stuff-everywhere-on-the-Internet material.

This was next level stuff!

I feel like all the other courses preached at me using techy words I didn’t understand.

Most of the time half the content went over my head and the bits that I did sort of understand I had no clear idea how to action it.


To the contrary STUPID SIMPLE SEO actually made sense for a change!


These are SEO strategies anyone can confidently action and understand. Woohoo! I finally felt confident that I could master this SEO thing!

Now it should be noted that Mike Pearson makes it quite clear at the beginning of the course that it takes time for SEO to kick in. You have to sow the seeds now and usually don’t see the results and fruits of your labor for another four months.






I’m not sure whether Mike is aware of just how powerful his SEO teachings are and the impact it can have on traffic coming from elsewhere too (not just from Google). 

For example, if you are creating EPIC content (which Mike instructs us to do in the course and show us exactly how to do it) you can generate INSTANT traffic on other social media platforms.


Win, win!


You get social media traffic now and more slowly-building SEO traffic coming from Google over time (which has a better chance of staying consistent.) This isn’t something Mike ever mentions in the course, just something that I found from my own personal experience.


But it shouldn’t be a surprise. PEOPLE WANT TO READ EPIC CONTENT!


The numbers speak for themselves.


I have already had a good run with my blog traffic since launching my blog in December 2017 but look what happened the month I started Mike Pearson’s STUPID SIMPLE SEO course.

By simply applying some of his SEO techniques to my current blog posts and social media strategy, my traffic jumped from 70K in July to 113K in mid-August (as per pic, while end month stats were 155K pageviews).



August Stats


The only thing I did different between July and August was buy Mike Pearson’s STUPID SIMPLE SEO course.


In fact I went away on holidays for 7 weeks during June and July and paid zero attention on my blog during that time so my expectation was that my traffic would plummet in August.

My saving grace was definitely this course. If you do join please be prepared for STUPID SIMPLE SEO to change the way you write blog posts and market your content for life. I hope it brings your blog as much success as it has for mine.



Every month since I have purchased the course, my pageview stats have consistently stayed above 100K pageviews and my organic traffic has gone from 2% to 20% in just a few months (currently February 2018).





NOTE: This course isn’t always open so please check in regularly or sign up for the free 5 day SEO bootcamp to join the waiting list. If it is closed, don’t stress! I promise, the doors will reopen again later in the year.


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