tailwind for pinterest

tailwind for pinterest


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If you have heard about Tailwind for Pinterest and are keen to learn a different way of using this automation scheduler then you have come to the right place.


In case you haven’t guessed it yet I absolutely LOVE TAILWIND.

I first wrote about this love affair in another post titled PINTEREST STRATEGIES – WHY I DITCHED MANUAL PINNING FOR TAILWIND.

Just to restate the basics, I signed up for the Tailwind annual premium plan at the beginning of my blogging journey almost six months ago.

Lucky for me I saw results almost immediately. 

The moment I started automating my pinning my website traffic started to almost double, month after month after month.

Everything was going so well until the new boy in town – Mr. Manual Pinning, wink, wink! – caught my attention.

I’m ashamed to say it but for two months I stopped automating my pins via Tailwind to focus on manual pinning (in the beginning I was happy to try anything new!) but this shift thankfully worked for me.

Manual pinning further escalated my traffic growth up to 65K pageviews within five months (following the strategies in Carly’s book).

But eventually I got tired of manual pinning.




It’s hard work.

I grew to hate the pressure of having to do it every day. It started to suck the life right out of me.

And then I remembered my first love Tailwind.

I definitely wanted – OR MAYBE THE RIGHT WORD IS NEEDED FOR MY SANITY’S SAKE- to get back to automated pinning.

Except this time round I was a little wiser and wanted to work out how to use it in the best way possible. 


You see the first time round I think I used Tailwind all wrong.


Let’s just say for example that I wanted to schedule out 30 pins to 30 group boards with a 1 day interval.

Give some thought to what would happen if you quickly actioned this automation to one board list without thinking?

For those who haven’t realized it yet, once you add group boards to a board list they stay in that exact same order by default.

So if you scheduled 30 Pins to go out all on the same day with a 1 day interval you would – shock, horror! – have 30 pins hitting Group Board 1 on Day 1, another 30 pins hitting Group Board 2 on Day 2 and so on and so on.

In case you haven’t guessed this would be considered SPAMMING.

A blogger’s worse nightmare, right?

We all want to avoid looking like spammers!




A simple alternative to this technique is to stagger the start times for the pins.

For example, you would schedule PIN 1 to go out to the board list on Monday, PIN 2 to go out to board list on Tuesday and PIN 3 on Wednesday etc.

But the only problem with this is that the start and end time for all the pins would be different.

Not ideal, right?

I was personally looking for a way for my pins to all start and end at the same time.

In fact I was desperate to find a way to achieve this looping method in Tailwind but I couldn’t find the answer I wanted anywhere.

Indeed it felt like a mathematical dilemma that only Pythagoras could solve but nonetheless I was determined to crack the code.






With this strategy I recommend working with 30 group boards (but of course it’s okay if you have more or less.) 

If you belong to more than 30 group boards you will need to work out which are your Top 30 group boards. You can find this information under the Board Insights section in Tailwind (see photo below). .

I personally chose to pick group boards based on the virality score but you may prefer to go by number of followers, repins or the engagement score (all which are totally fine!)


Board List


Once you have worked out your top 30 group boards you can create a board list in the following section of Tailwind (see photo below).


board list




Now I love the number 30 for this strategy because for the purposes of this looping it will cover you for an entire month (30 pins to go out to 30 group board over 30 days).

You will need to choose your top 30 pins that you’re happy to schedule out for the month.

Imagine these pins as your little workhorses.

They need to work hard to represent you and your website during the month.

I don’t meant to sound superficial but these chosen pins need to be ATTRACTIVE.

They need to be your best of the best pins. They should also point to your best content.

Their one and only job is to entice people to click over to your website.

They need to look professional, gorgeous and be CLICK-WORTHY.

Once you have identified which are your best 30 pins we can move onto the next step.


(Please note: sorry to give you bad news but you may actually need to create some new pins if your current pins aren’t good enough for this all-important job.)




I recommend having at least 30-50 available time-slots for each day.

I personally have more than that (simply because I belong to approximately 100 group boards) but that absolutely isn’t necessary.

If you have less than 30 time-slots this strategy won’t work as Tailwind will just kick the pin to the next available time slot which might be the next day.

See below photo for the section where you can make these changes. Don’t fuss too much what time it says – I think I let Tailwind generate a new smart schedule the first time I did it and then just added a few random time-slots myself.


weekly pinning schedule





I’m so happy to report that I finally find a way to properly loop my pins via Tailwind.

This strategy was such a major breakthrough for me that I had to share it!




Your main board list should now have 30 group boards on it and look something like this:


board list main







My strategy is to send out 30 pins of your best pins out to your 30 boards over a period of 30 days, whilst ensuring there is no overlap or spamming of the group boards.

This process can be replicated in different ways (for example, if you have 60 boards you can create 2 board lists of 30 and send the same 30 pins out to the second board list in the same way. Same method applies for 90 boards – just create 3 board lists with another 30 group boards on it).

But let’s keep this simple for now and just stick with the initial game plan of 30 pins to 30 boards in 30 days.


When you are more confident with the method you can alter it to suit your own circumstances in whichever way you please.


Remember in advance that it is FINE to pin to each group board once a day – in fact, that is considered conservative pinning!

So if you have 30 boards you can pin AT A MINIMUM 30 pins a day and if you have 60 boards you can pin AT A MINIMUM 60 a day (and hey even more if they allow for it) but let’s stick to 30 pins to 30 boards for this example at hand).


Let’s start with PIN 1.


This is the first and easiest pin to schedule.

Choose the pin you would like to schedule and when the option appears re: where it schedule it to, select your board list and opt to have the pin scheduled with a 1 day interval.

So this pin will go out to Group Board 1 on Day 1, Group Board 2 on Day 2 etc.

That is the easy bit.


Now let’s move on to PIN 2.


So your goal is to send it to the same board list but you want it to start this time with the second group board on the list, so that there is no overlap with the previous pin.

Sounds tricky, right?

At first glance it is, but I worked out that all you need to do is press X (delete) on the first group board on the list. Then you go to the bottom of the list and select to load up the board list again.

Presto! You will note that Tailwind doesn’t load all the group boards again – it only populated your list with the one missing group board.

Opt for an interval again of 1 day and press schedule to have it go out to all the boards on your list, except this time you will notice it starts with the second group board on your list.

The start and end day is still the same – hooray!



Now let’s now move onto pin 3.


You need to do the same thing you did for PIN 2.

Schedule it out to the board list again but this time you need to delete group boards one and two from the top of the list.

Then load the board list again and voila, the first two deleted group boards added to the bottom of the list.

It should look something like this:




What to do for Pins 4-30.


Now repeat this process for Pins 4-30 until you eventually have 30 pins scheduled to go out to 30 different group boards each day. Perfect! That’s exactly what we wanted to happen!

Please note this might sound complicated to begin with but once you have done it a few times you will get the hang of it.

The end goal is to have 30 pins pinned to each of your 30 different group boards over a period of 30 days in Tailwind – with no overlap of the pins.





A few things you need to note:




Joining group boards is truly a numbers game.

You immediately increase your chances of belonging to more relevant group boards by applying to as many as you can.


Please don’t give up and think this is too hard!


To find relevant group boards check out the ones that your fellow bloggers and peers belong to.

Spy on which group boards they belong to and if they are open to contributors then send the owner of the board a request to join.

I think that I had to send about 250 requests before I officially had 90 group boards under my belt so those are the sort of statistics we are dealing with – about a 1 in 3 chance of response.

Yes it sucks when you don’t hear back but what can you do other than be patient and persistent? Sometimes sending a reminder out helps too.


People always ask the question “what is the right number of pins to schedule out each day?” but this number will be different for everyone and depends on how many group boards you belong to.


If you belong to 35 group boards and they all allow at least one pin per day then the bare minimum/bottom number figure you can and should be scheduling out each day is 35 – one pin per each group board per day.

If you belong to 50 group boards then you can schedule 50 pins a day.

YOU CANNOT HOWEVER SCHEDULE 100 pins per day out to 20 group boards if they do not allow 5 pins per day.

Be warned – you will be kicked out if you blatantly break the rules and spam boards like that. No one likes a spammer!

However if you belong to 30 group boards and they all allow for 2 pins per day there is no reason why you can’t schedule out two pins a day per board at 12 hour intervals if the boards allowed for that.

So instantly you can appropriately schedule out 60 pins a day without hurting anyone or spamming the group boards.


Please let your number of group boards dictate the final number you feel comfortable scheduling out.


If you belong to 200 group boards that allow for one pin per day there’s no reason why you can’t schedule out 200 different pins each day if you want to but that’s only because you have the right number of group boards to accommodate that number of scheduled pins.


What to do when you belong to more than 30 group boards


I personally belong to about 90 group boards so to work with this strategy and keep to the 30 day plan I divided my 90 group boards into 3 board lists in Tailwind. So Board List 1, Board List 2, Board List 3.

The process is the same as above – I simply would schedule the same pin to Board List 1 but then repeat the process again in rotation through Board List 2 and Board List 3, moving the same way down the list.

(So ultimately scheduling PIN 1 to the first group board on Board List 1, 2 and 3 and scheduling PIN 2 to the second group board on Board 1, 2 and 3 etc.)

If I stick to this plan (of sending 30 pins to 90 group boards) I would have 3 of the same pins appearing on 3 different group boards each day, with no overlap whatsoever. In a period of 30 days each pin would have appeared once on each group board during the month.


Using the above strategy you can work with different numbers.


For example you could schedule 50 pins to 50 group boards over 25 days (if you opted for a 12 hour interval instead).

Or you could schedule 40 pins to 80 group boards (2 Board lists of 40) over 40 days.

Or maybe even 10 pins to 10 group boards over 10 days with a one day interval, if you preferred a shorter timeframe.

If it hurts your brain just thinking about these other options please don’t stress and just stick to the original plan I suggested which would sort your automated pinning schedule out for the entire month.




I can answer this in two ways.





How do I know this is true?

Because I manually pinned my pins to Pinterest for two months and I know firsthand how much of the day it eats away.

Even when you aren’t actually pinning you are thinking about:

-WHAT you are planning to pin

-WHICH BOARD you should pin it to and

-WHEN you will ever find the time to do it.

Manual pinning starts to consume your mind and rule your life.


Tailwind on the other hand is a godsend – it takes care of all those questions and answers them in the simplest way possible.


When I first used this strategy to schedule 30 pins to 30 group boards over 30 days it took me approximately 90 minutes to do it.

Yes, I admit, it isn’t the five or ten minute answer you may have been hoping for but if you have ever manually pinned pins before you will know that spending even two hours to have your pins scheduled for the ENTIRE month is amazing!

It only took that length of time the first time because I was being so meticulous with it and wanted to make sure my plan worked PERFECTLY. Obviously the process would be quicker each time you do it.


Remember once upon a time, I used to waste hours every day manually pinning.


It used to drive me crazy! I felt like my phone was permanently glued to my hand. And if I was away from my phone, I would panic about how I was missing out on the chance to manually pin.

Tailwind now ensures that all my best pins are being evenly distributed to my group boards, even when I am sleeping, doing other work and having a life outside Pinterest.  Total bliss!

It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind this has given me – knowing that it’s working for me behind the scenes, doing exactly what I told it to do. I seriously LOVE it.

What comes next


Once the month is over you can go back and schedule another 30 pins to your group boards, keeping your best workers or adding new pins to the mix.

Or you can come up with a different formula, using the same strategy above.

The beauty of Tailwind is that you can still manually pin third party pins at your leisure – except there isn’t the same pressure to do so. 

This is when I reciprocate the love by pinning pins I love from the group boards back to my own boards. I am a massive fan of repinning other people’s content and truly believe that’s how I got to almost 2 million monthly views on Pinterest within only five months of pinning. 


And now that my 30 most important pins are taken care of by Tailwind I can check into Pinterest, whenever I feel like it, not because I have to.


My traffic won’t totally tank if I skip a day of manually pinning.

If you read my previous post, you will note that if you depend solely on manually pinning then your traffic WILL INDEED DROP if you neglect to pin for a few days.

Thank gosh I don’t have to worry about this happening with Tailwind anymore because the correct scheduling procedure ensures that my pins are being pinned even when I am not paying attention to the process.


Of course your ultimate success on Pinterest will depend on the value of your content, the attractiveness of your pins and the quality of the group boards you belong to (some are just better than others at driving traffic I admit). 


Most of all it’s important to be open to trying different things out with Pinterest pinning. Some things will work for some but not for others so keep searching for what works best for YOU. Just the fact that you are reading this post means you keen to learn more which is great.

If you have Tailwind already please feel free to give this strategy a go. If you don’t have Tailwind yet – my gosh you are really missing out! Be prepared to fall in love.



check out tailwind


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  1. I just started using Tailwind and I love it! I am so glad that I found this post because it gave me some insight on how to better use this application. I will definitely pin this (using Tailwind) for future reference!

  2. I’ve been looking for a strategy like this! I’ve manually pinned for over a year, and luckily I’ve developed a strategy where I spend an hour creating a spreadsheet once a month, and then it only takes me like 10-15 minutes a day to manually pin. BUT I end up skipping days because I’m too busy. So, I’m excited to try this. I have a question though. When you’re scheduling 90 pins a day, do you have 90 different posts you’re scheduling? Oh are you scheduling multiple pins for the same post? I read that if you’re sharing more than one pin per day that’s leading to the same post than it can flag your Pinterest account and lock you out.

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