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I’m addressing today the all-important question on every potential Pinterest user’s mind. How do I know this is the case? Because this question was personally on my mind too, hence the reason I procrastinated for so long about automating my pinning for so long.


The all-important question is:




So which is it? Tailwind or Boardbooster?


The good news first


You don’t need to automate your pinning to be successful at generating traffic via Pinterest. There are quite a few well-known Pinterest experts who vow they were able to increase their traffic exponentially simply by manual pinning diligently every day.  Their suggested amount? Pinning around 35-50 pins a day.


Now for the bad news about manual pinning


It takes time and if you are like me, you don’t always have a lot of time at your disposal. This is where the wonderful art of automated pinning comes into play.

Using a Pinterest scheduling tool, you can schedule your pins for the entire week or month quickly. And seriously, I do mean quickly – like in less than 30 minutes. After that you don’t have to think or worry about pinning for a while.


Now here’s a confession


I heard about BOARD BOOSTER and TAILWIND long before I ever dared to try these tools.  Both names kept popping up in Pinterest posts all over Facebook so I was curious but never curious enough to take the leap.

Then one day it hit me – yes manual pinning is fun, but if I skipped a day or two of doing it, this absence was reflected in my blog traffic. No pinning equalled less traffic. More pinning equalled more traffic.

It sufficed to say that it suddenly clicked for me that if I could pin EVEN MORE THAN USUAL pins every day IN NEXT TO NO TIME AND WITH LITTLE EFFORT FROM ME, the results would be amazing. And did I want to increase my traffic to my website? Hell, yeah!

I didn’t know which pin scheduling tool to pick and the experts only seemed to be pushing whichever tool they were affiliated with.

In the end, I got both so I could test them out and see for myself what all the fuss was about. I purchased the Tailwind annual plan for unlimited pinning (which felt like a big risky purchase for me at the time because I didn’t even know if I would like it).

Plus I signed up for Board Booster which is free up to 100 pins per month and only $5 per month for 500 pins per month (my plan was to keep my pins under this amount).




Like Tailwind, Board Booster is a Pinterest automation and management tool that lets you schedule pins and monitor the performance of your Pinterest account. We will start with the good news – LOOPING!

Looping is a unique feature to Board Booster and the reason most pinners use both tools in conjunction with each other.

Looping is essentially taking your old pins and repinning them again to the top of your board so the content looks fresh and new to any of your new followers.

You can also opt for deduplication which simply means they will automatically delete the duplicate pin for you. This is great as you can use this feature to drive traffic to your old posts automatically, without anyone else really knowing it is happening.

Another great perk to Board Booster is that it will tell you if you have already posted something (which is essential if you are trying to avoid duplicate pins!).


The not so great bits are:


-It isn’t an approved Pinterest vendor.

-Not super easy to pin to multiple boards at the same time.

– It’s a bit confusing to have secret boards. It makes my Pinterest account look messy to me (even though no one else can see it).






I have to admit, as soon as I opened Tailwind I LOVED it straight away. It was so easy to work out how to use it. Like seriously easy!

Not only can you schedule to multiple boards at the same time, and set an interval time between pins, but you can shuffle the pins around too if you change your mind.


The best thing is it allows you to pin A LOT of pins at once.


Like I am not kidding – I can set up 500 pins for the month in less than 20 minutes. Tailwind has also partnered with Pinterest as an approved vendor so you know that you aren’t going to get into trouble using this scheduling tool either

Other cool things include: they offer a browser extension that allows you to schedule pins from any website. Plus you can join TAILWIND TRIBES which is essentially a group of pinners who pin on a similar topic.

Within each Tailwind Tribe, each person in the group is able to add his or her own pins to the queue and from there you can then add them to their own scheduled pins. Tribes make it super easy to pin large amounts of content and help you find relevant content too. Win, win!


The not so great bits are:


It is nearly impossible to find fault with Tailwind, other than the fact that it doesn’t offer looping.




tailwind vs boardbooster



So which Is Better – Tailwind vs Boardbooster?


My final verdict is that I believe you need to have both schedulers in your arsenal.

TAILWIND is the obvious first preference but anyone who knows the value of looping wouldn’t be quick to dismiss BOARD BOOSTER either. They both actually complement each other nicely and have increased traffic to my website enormously.

Word of warning, you may slightly freak out when your page views start escalating so quickly. In a good way obviously!

Since automating my pinning my pageviews have risen to 65000+ in April 2018 within five months (see below). Plus my traffic is still growing every month – woohoo! I’m over the moon about my results and I hope you are too. Wishing you all the best of luck on your pinning journey.



In Summary


-Join Tailwind as a trial.

-Schedule 10-20 pins to go out each day, at regular intervals. If you are more ambitious and belong to a large number of group boards, pin up to 40 pins a day.




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