The Coach

Back in 2000, when I first launched my life coaching business, a lot of people baulked at the idea of investing in someone to help kick-start their dreams. It seemed indulgent, almost selfish. “Who am I to want to chase my dreams?” clients would say. Now fifteen years later, personal coaching has become a research-proven globally recognised method of delivering results.



To put it succinctly, life coaching gives you the opportunity to look at where you are now, where you want to be and ways to bridge the gap between the two. All with the support of someone totally committed to realising and unlocking your potential. It is about attaining freedom from the constraints that prevent us from being the person we want to be and from living the life we want to live.


MENTOR: Someone who really believes in you

MANAGER:  Helps you set strategies & break down goals into doable bits

PERSONAL TRAINER:  Keeps you focused on your goals &

SPORTS COACH: Provides objective input to improve your game.


– Anyone who wants to live with passion, purpose and commitment, at the highest level possible.

– Anyone who is successful, but wants to retain their competitive edge.

– Anyone who wants to live as big as they dream.



  1.  Where are you now?
  2.  Where do you want to be? &
  3.  What can we do to get you there?

Life is full of dreams and as adults we all have grand intentions of fulfilling them but too often things get in the way of this pursuit of our passions (excuses, procrastination, work, children: take your pick!). Yet that doesn’t mean you should abandon your dreams forever. To the contrary, its important to have dreams, especially ones that scare and excite you at the same time. Your dreams SHOULD be big and colourful enough that they generate a little fear. They DO require you to step outside your comfort zone.

Sometimes we need a little help to push through that fear and this unwavering support can be found in a life coach. Life coaching is truly the most powerful experience you will ever witness. By living your dreams, you give birth to things that never would have been.

Think about winning athletes. what do they all have in common? A coach that encourages them to be at their absolute best. Until quite recently, coaching was only available to such athletes, high-powered executives and performers, but now it is accessible to anyone who wants to take advantage of the edge that coaching provides.

Simply by hiring a coach you make an investment in yourself. You “put your money where your mouth is” and begin to live your life in a more thoughtful, deliberate manner. Thoughts becomes actions and through actions come RESULTS.

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