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Seventeen years ago, when I first started life coaching, I needed to come up with a name that encapsulated my vision and goal for my business.


Inspiring Life seemed like a fitting option because its meaning was two-fold. Firstly as a coach I hoped to encourage my clients to live an INSPIRING life. Secondly, and more importantly perhaps, I aimed to inspire LIFE in people.

That was honestly my ultimate goal. I wanted my clients to feel passionate about their dreams, even if they felt nervous or scared. I wanted them to embrace life and all its facets, not just the good but also the bad, not just the victories but also the challenges.


Because let’s face it – you are going to get both in life.


There isn’t a person in this world that is lucky enough to score a smooth, trouble-free ride the whole way – we all have to take a ride on the crazy roller-coaster.

When it came to writing books it was not a great surprise that I wanted to focus on content that helped others live an inspiring life in different ways. With seventeen books I have written on a wide range of topics, including parenting, relationships, self-help along with inspiration and guidance for children and teens.


To be honest I never know what book I am going to write next – I just wait for the idea to hit me.


So when I decided I wanted to write a savings book I was more perplexed than anyone else. Seriously savings? We tend to think that money and soul-searching rarely go hand-in-hand, yet still I followed through on this idea nonetheless and it wasn’t until I wrote the conclusion that I finally understood the purpose of my book:


To quote (excerpt from Savings Hacks: 365 Simple Ways To Keep More Money In Your Pocket)


As you get older, you learn many things about life. You discover that being rich – really rich – has nothing having to do with money. You realize instead that being rich is a state of mind and that there are some amazing things in this world that money cannot buy. Stuff you won’t find in any store: love, dreams, family, friends, happiness, hope, time and a wish come true.

It is liberating to know that happiness is not measured by or depend on the income you earn or the amount of framed degrees on your wall or how big your house is. Sure, money can fulfill your needs, but it will never buy you true contentment if you chase it and make it your one and only objective in life.

True wealth is instead about finding peace and joy in your life. It’s about having a serene sense of calmness in your heart that isn’t at the mercy of this crazy, hectic world. It’s about having the ability to stop and laugh, smell the roses and be present in this moment, instead of living in the future or the past. The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.

Even still, we all work hard for our money so it makes sense to treat it income with respect. Every little bit counts so if you aim to consistently save money every day in lots of small and big ways, you will more money to spend or invest in any way you choose. Use this book as a tool to help you achieve your financial goals, without ever forgetting the stuff that is really important. Ask yourself what is really important to you – it doesn’t matter if other people have different ideas – and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around your answer.


I realize now that Inspiring Life is not just a random name that I picked out as a tag to my coaching business almost twenty years ago.


It is instead a conscious and consistent goal of mine – to create books that motivate others to chase their dreams and hopefully live an inspiring life too.

I do not pretend to be perfect and I do not pretend to have all the answers. To the contrary, I too am just like you, learning and making mistakes along the way. A lot of my growth comes from writing books that I hope will be of value to others. And though I write on a variety of topics, my goal is always the same. Each book aims to positively encourage others to stretch their mind, step outside their comfort zone, live, love, learn, and most importantly, dream big.


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