things you should never say to your child

100 things you should never say to your child



If you are looking to find 100 Things You Should Never Say To A Child then you have come to the right place!


There are some words we share with our kids that we just know are fused with love and kindness.

And then there are the other words…

The words we say without thinking.

The words we spit out when we are annoyed and frustrated.

The words that are foolish, immature and careless.

The words we wish we could take back.

The words that cut deep.


Here you will find 100 things you should never say to your child if you wish to form a close and healthy relationship with them.


Why should you avoid saying these things?

Because these words serve no purpose except to drive a wedge between you and your child.

They aren’t kind or understanding,

They don’t help you get to the heart of a problem.

They invalidate the way your child truly feels.

These words become the inner voice in their head.


When you speak this way to a child you forget the power of your words.


You are supposed to love your child unconditionally and this is the way you show it to them – by speaking to them in this way?


How would you feel if someone spoke to you in the same way?


Remember that grand old lesson we try to teach our kids:

If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!


Sometimes we really need to heed our own advice, lest we scar our child permanently with our words.

As Frederick Douglass once so wisely said:

It’s easier to build strong children than repair broken men.

So make sure to choose your words wisely.



Without further ado, here are 100 things you should never say to your kids:


1 Because I said so…

2 Don’t ask any more questions,

3 I told you so.

4 I don’t know why you find that so hard to do.

5 I could do that at your age.

6 You’re lazy.

7 You’re selfish.

8 You’re fat.

9 You’re ungrateful.

10 Stop being such a sook.


11 Stop crying.

12 Stop acting like a baby.

13 Stop being so dramatic.

14 Stop being so needy.

15 It’s time to get over it.

16 I don’t know why you care so much.

17 It’s not a big deal.

18 You’re fine.

19 Why can’t you be more like your sister or brother?

20 Why can’t you be more like your friend?


21 Haven’t you learned anything yet?

22 You’re so beautiful.

23 You’re so perfect.

24 You’re so much better than everyone else.

25 You can do no wrong.

26 Everything that’s mine is yours.

27 You should always listen to adults.

28 Share everything you have even if it’s special.

29 Say sorry even if you don’t really mean it.

30 You’re too young to understand.


31 You’ll never be good at that.

32 I don’t really like you.

33 I wish you were never born.

34 You should be ashamed of yourself.

35 I couldn’t do that so you probably can’t either.

36 That’s too hard.

37 That’s not important.

38 What do you mean you don’t like someone?

39 You should do this.

40 You should do that.


41 You aren’t really angry.

42 You aren’t really sad.

43 You don’t know what you’re feeling.

44 That’s a stupid idea.

45 Yeah that won’t work.

46 Choose another dream.

47 That doesn’t sound realistic.

48 I tried that and failed so you will probably fail too.

49 You should be happy.

50 Don’t make me turn the car around.


51 Don’t make me do something I will regret.

52 Wait until your dad gets home.

53 Wait until I tell someone else about this.

54 You always push my buttons.

55 You always make me so angry.

56 You always make me so sad.

57 Leave me alone.

58 I’m too busy for this nonsense.

59 I don’t have time for you.

60 Why do I have to tell you to do something 100 times?


61 You inherited that trait from me/your father.

62 You’re just like your mother!

63 You’re just like your father!

64 You will never change.

65 Why didn’t you get an A?

66 That wasn’t really your best.

67 I know you because I gave birth to you.

68 Finish your plate even if you aren’t hungry.

69 I’m so fat; I need to go on a diet.

70 Hurry up!


71 That’s no reason to be scared.

72 There’s nothing scary about that.

73 I’m disappointed in you.

74 I expect more from you.

75 I’ll give you something real to cry about.

76 I wish I could run away.

77 You better do what I say or else!

78 Leave if you aren’t happy.

79 I don’t love you right now.

80 In fact I hate you.


81 My house, my rules.

82 Don’t come to me when you get into trouble,

83 That’s simply not good enough.

84 How could I say no to that gorgeous face?

85 That’s not the same you are supposed to do it!

86 You can’t do that.

87 I do everything for you.

88 You’re my reason for living.

89 You don’t appreciate anything I do.

90 You will never amount to anything.


91 Quit annoying me.

92 Stop driving me crazy.

93 Stop being so picky.

94 That’s impossible.

95 How could anyone like you?

96 Do as I say not as I do.

97 What do you know about life?

98 I went through that too and I survived just fine!

99 Big kids don’t cry.

100 Do what you want – I don’t care.





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