this or that questions

this or that questions




If you are looking for the best THIS OR THAT QUESTIONS, here’s 150+ questions you can ask your family and friends today.



THIS OR THAT QUESTIONS is probably one of the simplest get-to-know-you games you could play with someone but it’s also the most insightful.

Think you can predict what the other person will guess?


After all, you do have a 50% chance of getting it right in this game.

But please note – these questions are a great way of slowly delving deep into someone else’s mind and personality ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS.

Take the opportunity to ask the person:


What made you choose A rather than B?


And more importantly, how will YOU choose to answer the following 150+ THIS OR THAT Questions yourself?



Without further ado, here are 150+ THIS OR THAT QUESTIONS to ask your kids, family and friends today.



Cats or dogs?


Chocolate or cake?


Donut or candy?


Pizza or cheeseburger?


Tea or coffee?


Beach or pool?


Bus or train?


Pink or blue?


Zoo or aquarium?


Quiet or loud?


Family or friends?


Singing or dancing?


Sleep in or wake up early?


Hot or cold?


Shower or bath?


Watching movies or listening to music?


Sunrise or sunset?


Black or white?


Cola or lemonade?


Math or science?


thought of the day


Truth or dare?


Night or day?


Comedy or horror?


Sweet or savory?


Clean-freak or messy?


Jeans or trackpants?


Stay in or go out?


City or country life?


Camera shy or camera hog?


Nexflix or YouTube?



Laundry or dishes?


Europe or Asia?


Gold or silver?


Rainy days or sunshine?


Following the rules or breaking the rules?


Waking to an alarm or without an alarm?


Overdressed or underdressed?


Talking or listening?


Lie to your parents or lie to your friends?


A live-in chef or a live-in cleaner?



Be invisible or read minds?


Olympic medal or Academy Award?


Change the future or change the past?


Be your own boss or work for someone else?


More time or more money?


Pet snake or pet tiger?


Mermaid or unicorn?


Hawaii or Italy?


80s or 90s?


Teddy bear or doll?


happiness quotes



Be able to fly or time-travel?


Always lose or never play?


Bungee jump or skydive?


Fiction or non-fiction book?


Rock climb or scuba dive?


Movie alone or dinner alone?


Straight hair or curly hair?


Mom or dad?


Sister or brother?


Good news first or bad news first?



Break the law or break a heart?


Live on a houseboat or a caravan?


Have a twin brother or a twin sister?


Be angry or be worried?


First or last?


Massage or facial?


Bed or couch?


Give gift or receive gift?


Christmas or birthday?


Chicken drumsticks or wings?



Roast potato or mashed potato?


Pet chimpanzee or meerkat?



Fast or slow?


Saturday or Sunday?


North or South?


Visit New York or Los Angeles?


Eat a cricket or a worm?


Work in a toy factory or chocolate factory?


Kiss or hug?


Busy or quiet?


failure quotes



Superman or Spiderman?


Locked or unlocked?


Batman or Wonderwoman?


Call or text?


Private jet or private island?


Zombie or vampire?


Rich or famous?


Play sport or watch sport?


Follow or lead?


Antique or brand new?



Left or right?


Be a pirate or a witch?


Be known as a baby or a bully?


Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy?


Night vision or X-Ray vision?


Apples or oranges?


Live in a tree or under a tree?


Bananas or strawberries?


Sahara Desert or Antarctica?


Be famous or not be famous?




Italian or Thai Food?


White bread or brown bread?


Be a doctor or a lawyer?


Fireman or policeman?


Teacher or student?


Ask a question or answer a question?


Long or short?


Brains or beauty?


Trees or flowers?


Strength or intelligence?



Bad breath or bad body odor?


10 brothers or 10 sisters?


Kiss a horse or a cow?


Noise or silence?


Perfect teeth or perfect hair?


Stop or go?


Eat dog food or cat food?


Truth or happiness?


XBOX or PS4?


Scrabble or Monopoly?



quotes on attitude



Spontaneous or planned?


Inside or outside?


Pancakes or waffles?


Alone or crowds?


Elevator or stairs?


Half empty or half full?


Paris or London?


Bert or Ernie?


Tom or Jerry?


Pen or pencil?




Moonlight or candelight?


Clean up poop or clean up vomit?


TV on or TV off?


Pasta or rice?


Bacon or sausage?


Apple pie or blueberry pie?


Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?


Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?


Paint or draw?


Sit or stand?



Cartwheel or handstand?


Dive or jump in?


Hare or the tortoise?


Fireplace or campfire?


Bike-riding or roller-skating?


Running or walking?


See or hear?


Read or write?


Trash or treasure?


Beginning or the end?



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