Traffic Tranformation Honest Review


Traffic Tranformation Honest Review



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If you are just starting to research blogging resources, you will notice that TRAFFIC TRANSFORMATION gets referenced A LOT.



Traffic Transformation Honest Review



Even still, the skeptical me hesitated when it came to purchasing TRAFFIC TRANSFORMATION as it was a lot more expensive than the other e-books on offer (current price is $79). 

When I finally bit the bullet, I regretted not buying this book the moment I set up my website.


Because TRAFFIC TRANSFORMATION is honestly in a league of its own.


Unlike many other blogging books which focus solely on Pinterest, TRAFFIC TRANSFORMATION covers EVERYTHING.


In her book Lena Gott speaks about having a blog that was getting a consistent 15-17000 page views a month despite working 30-40 hours a week for six months straight.

She decided to drop her bad and ineffective blogging habits immediately and replace them with effective blogging habits.

This new focus helped increase her income from $300 per month (in March 2015) to nearly $3,800 (August 2015) and ended the year in December with 434,000 monthly page views and $7,612 in income.

Anyone that can do that deserves our attention.

Lena knows her stuff and she shares it all freely with you in her book.

I consider TRAFFIC TRANSFORMATION to be the blogger’s bible and must-have handbook for anyone hoping to increase traffic to their website.


 traffic transformation honest review


Blogging is hard without a plan


Out of all the investments I have made as a blogger, TRAFFIC TRANSFORMATION is up there as one of the best. It is the most comprehensive book that covers all the options we have as bloggers to increase our web traffic.

Since implementing strategies from Traffic Transformation (in addition to a few other pertinent courses) my blog has grown consistently every single month.

After launching my blog in December 2017, I had reached 65,000 pageviews per month by the end of April, 155K pageviews by the end of August and a total of ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWS by the end of 2018.





If you are a beginner blogger some of this information might scare you but I think that fear is a good thing because it will put you on the right track right from day dot.

There is a slight feeling of information overload while you are reading the book but that is what makes the book a great investment for the higher price tag.

You would want to be getting a lot of bang for your buck at $79, right?

Even advanced bloggers would benefit from reading this book as there is a lot of information here that doesn’t get referenced elsewhere and I think that’s what sets this book apart.


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Introduction: Leaving Your Comfort Zone & What Is Possible

Step 1: Narrowing Your Blog’s Focus

Step 2: How to Evaluate Your Content for Shareability

Step 3: Low Payback Tasks You Can Stop Doing Right Now

Step 4: How to Duplicate & Piggyback Blogging Successes

Step 5: A Few Words on Thoughtful Keyword Selection

Step 6: Social Platform Focus – Why More on Fewer Platforms = More

Step 7: The Importance of Titles

Step 8: Landing Pages for Related Content

Step 9: Interlinking Secrets

Step 10: How to Showcase Your Popular Posts

Step 11: Making Your Navigation Bar Work for You

Step 12: Leveraging Google+, the Not-So-Extinct Social Media Platform

Step 13: Calculate Your Goals

Step 14: Test New Things Constantly

Step 15: Target Holiday Traffic

Step 16: Writing……a LOT with a Plan

Step 17: Learn Something New Every Day – Blogging Education + Networking

Step 18: Optimize for Search Engines

Step 19: Don’t Be Too Clever

Step 20: Split Test Strategies

Step 21: Master a Platform

Beyond Step 21


traffic transformation learn more


Traffic Transformation Honest Review

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