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Do you urgently need a wake up call?


When you have written 18 books like I have, I often get asked which is my favorite book. That is a little like asking a parent which is their favorite child.

In all honesty we have a soft spot for each one; some are crazier than the others, others are more demanding at times. All in all, you love them with all of your heart and wouldn’t be the same person without them in your life.

But deep down you always secretly have one which resonates with you more deep down. You have a connection that cannot be explained.

For me that book is LIGHTBULB MOMENTS: 50 AHA! MOMENTS THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. If the book were in human form, she would be the child that sits at the back of the classroom, never giving her teacher any trouble.

But at the same time she is too quiet and often overlooked.  Her outside presentation betrays her amazing inner beauty and superb intelligence. She could change people’s lives if only she was louder and brave enough to speak up more often.

I have decided it’s time for her Little Miss Lightbulb Moments to be heard so I will be sharing select chapters in a few future blog posts and will eventually release a master course based on the concepts in this book. I am calling this “The Wake Up Call You Need” series because these words truly have the power to wake people up to the truth. The reality is life is short; none of us will live forever.


You can find more information about the book in full here.


Lightbulb Moments


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