155 ways to relax and destress

ways to relax and destress


If you are looking for tips on How To Relax and 155 Simple Ways To Destress As A Mom then you have come to the right place!



This isn’t a practice that comes naturally for most moms.

There is always something to do, something to clean, something to worry about.

By nature, we are the hardest working group of people in the world because our job – parenting our children – doesn’t ever stop.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t vital and super important to stop to take a breather every now and then.


In fact, I would go as far as to say that taking the time and learning how to relax is absolutely essential for maintaining our sanity.


If you are stuck for ideas on how you can relax and destress more often as a mom, here are 155 ways to do so right now. 

Some ideas will appeal to you more than others and that’s cool. This is a list that you are more than welcome to pick and choose from.

So whenever you are feeling overworked, overtired and simply underappreciated stop and take a break.


Just relax for a moment.  Do you know how to relax?


Everything is going to be just fine. The world won’t fall apart if you choose to take care of yourself for a change, instead of always putting other people first.

Sometimes you need to take a break from the grind and enjoy some ME time.

Sure it’s great to take care of others, but you need to take care of yourself too.

You have to nourish yourself to truly flourish.

Self-care is the most selfless act we can participate in.

Life sometimes feels so much easier when you just RELAX.


So relax, refresh and recharge yourself today with these 155 ways to relax and destress today.


1 Practice mindful meditation

2 Read a book

3 Do pilates

4 Practice yoga

5 Cuddle a furry pet

6 Drink herbal tea

7 Have a massage

8 Squeeze a stress ball

9 Be alone in a quiet space

10 Count slowly to 10



11 Bask in the sunshine

12 Go on a holiday

13 Take a walk

14 Stretch

15 Listen to music

16 Write your worries in a journal

17 Use visualization

18 Go to bed early

20 Note what you are grateful for






21 Perform a random act of kindness

22 Dance

23 Take a power nap

24 Let go of guilt

25 Let go of criticism

26 Organize your space

27 Smile

28 Read inspiring quotes

29 Be social

30 Wear comfortable clothing



31 Explore new places

32 Learn to accept yourself

33 Use essential oils

34 Trust your intuition

35 Stay hydrated

36 Improve your posture

37 Avoid social media

38 Color in a coloring-in book

39 Do some gardening

40 Surround yourself with nature



41 Visit a beach

42 Take time out for yourself

43 Indulge in acupuncture

44 Play

45 Spend time with a BFF

46 Soak in a warm bath

47 Draw

48 Watch a comedy show

49 Set some new goals

50 Learn to be more assertive






51 Focus on the positive

52 Let go of FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out)

53 Learn to say no

54 Pray

55 Have faith that things will turn out okay

56 Give someone a hug

57 Forgive someone

58 Go for a bike ride

59 Float in water

60 Knit

61 Declutter your home



62 Visit a farm

63 Let go of work when you come home

64 Browse through old photo albums

65 Stargaze

66 Slow down

67 Do nothing

68 Light some candles

69 Have a glass of wine

70 Swim



71 Sit by a campfire

72 Smell a flower

73 Visit a church

74 People watch

75 Close your laptop

76 Visit a museum

77 Cuddle a baby

78 Take a long shower

79 Complete something off your bucket list

80 Skip cooking dinner and order takeout



81 Visit an animal shelter

82 Write a thank you note

83 Avoid the news

84 Switch off the TV

84 Listen to guided imagery

85 Talk things over with a friend

86 Count your blessings

87 Quit negative self-talk

88 Have a mani or pedicure

89 Always have a Plan B

90 Learn to be flexible



91 Practice patience

92 Spend time with your family and friends

93 Eat comfort food

94 Plan ahead

95 Jump on a trampoline

96 Walk barefoot on sand

97 Take photos of things you love

98 Create a vision board

99 Bake or cook a special meal

100 Drive in a convertible with the top down




101 Make a wish at a fountain

102 Delegate difficult tasks

103 Look for win-win solutions

104 Lie in a hammock

105 Make a sandcastle

106 Create a snow angel

107 Swing at the park

108 Skip

109 Play a musical instrument

110 Have a picnic



111 Play a board games

112 Daydream

113 Enjoy art

114 Learn from past mistakes

115 Be honest with yourself

116 Don’t try to change things that can’t be changed

117 Embrace life

118 Dream big

119 Chase your dreams

120 Avoid toxic people



121 Be present in the moment

122 See the bigger picture

123 Stop trying to do too much!

124 Learn to laugh at yourself

125 Have fun

126 Kiss someone

127 Watch a documentary

128 Watch your favorite movie

129 Walk through the rain

129 Feed the birds

130 Go out in the fresh air



131 Clear out your closet

132 Step outside your comfort zone

133 Don’t procrastinate

134 Take action

135 Find a new hobby

136 Watch a sunrise

137 Watch a sunset

138 Stop caring what other people think

139 Nurture yourself

140 Do a puzzle



141 Open your heart

142 Give things a chance

143 Be inspired by others who have struggled and succeeded before you

144 Get a plant

145 Go fishing

146 Revisit the past

147 Ask for help

148 Use mantras

149 Avoid complaining

150 Turn off the lights

151 Be comfortable in your own skin

152 Focus on the solution not the problem

153 Learn something new

154 Enjoy the simple things in life

155 Learn to take each day one day at a time


BONUS: Take control of your diary INSTEAD OF LETTING IT CONTROL YOU!





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